Vortex Crossfire II 1- 4X


North Central Arkansas
Recently, purchased this optic because of the V-Bright (MOA) reticle. The illuminated one MOA dot is centered in the cross hairs. I use a lot of 25 yard slow fire pistol targets with carbines. The illuminated dot stands out on the 3" black bullseye and doesn't cover the entire circle, at the 60 yard distance, I normally shoot at. I'm seeing increased accuracy benefits over a normal four power scope. Brightness adjustments top off at 11 setting, which is adequate, but not overpowering in full sunlight. This is also my first scope with a 30mm tube. I'm liking the larger field of view.


Midway had the scope for $199 with free shipping and no tax. They were also offering a free set of Vortex 30mm detachable rings, as a promotion. That sealed the deal. I mounted it on my CZ Scorpion.

They also offer a 3 x 9 x 40 with the same reticle.............if you need more power.

Jeff H

NW Ohio
Wow! Great price on a very useful range on a variable.

If I hadn't just picked up another 1-3x20 Weaver (also from Midway, on sale, no shipping...), I think I'd be all over this one. I've not had the chance to try a Vortex and it's tough finding low-powered variables in this price range.


North Central Arkansas
I have the Crossfire II 2 x 7 Scout Scope, mounted on a 357 Rossi lever.

Also one of their SPARC redots. For the price point and lifetime warranty, I'm happy with both. Saw someone post, on the other forum, about this illuminated scope so I investigated.
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I have the 4-12x50 version on my LR-308. Pretty decent glass for the money and the dot is a huge advantage in low light.


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I have that same scope on my 20" H-Bar AR. I didn't want a really big scope that would add materially to the already obscene 9 pounds the gun weighed. Ignoring the naysaying Internet gurus who trash talk those low end Vortex's, I bought it anyway and am very glad I did. The illuminated reticle is dandy for hunting called coyotes in northern PA during the times of day they're out and about.

Kevin Stenberg

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I spent a few hours today mounting my scope on my AR10. Its ready to be bore sighted. An then to the range.
The guys on this site are a bad influence. I spent a couple hours reaming the rings. Making sure the rings are in alignment. Cleaning everything twice with alcohol. Then tightening all screws twice to make sure everything was tight.
I now take pride in a job done properly.
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