Waht did you cast today?


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I am looking at replacing it with a 5 cav aluminum from MP.
I would suggest a 4 cavity iron from Accurate. Considerably, lighter, shorter and more durable than brass and a joy to cast with. I don't care for mould blocks that extend over the boundaries of the pot, when ladle casting.


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With my Magma 40# pot that really isn’t an issue.
I had not really considered Tom but makes sense and I know it will drop bullets easily and will cast to the specified dimensions.


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Last I cast were these 32-98 GR. RCBS for a pair of S&W 31-1’s I bought off Gun Broker, a 3” and a 4”. I got the 3” first and the wife claimed it, so found a 4”, which is what I wanted to start with. The 3” came out of an estate in NY, the 4” from a private seller from La. Ordered 1000 pcs of Starline brass, and only took about 2.5 months to get it! A good friend of mine had 498 pcs of new PMC he didn’t really want, so I bought that waiting for the Starline. Now I’m set with .32 S&W long.


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On and off yesterday I was able to cast a entire pot of two MP molds. A Lyman copy mold of the 454423 and a 453-490 thats been a bit "ornery".
I finally just turned the hot plate up and let it "cook" and upon returning it was casting nice clean bullets.

The 424 is a solid and the 490 used a deer and cup HP pin.


I powder coated them with a few colors. Two of them new. Prismatic Cadillac Grey and Translucent Green.


Both where a bit blochy. Grey worse. But Green I fudged up first go round having some moisture remaining in bucket. So teo coats causing thick/thin coats. Combining with a soft alloy, very rounded corners. But they will no doubt shoot fine for there intended needs. The grey will be better next round I am sure.

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Well finally got an opportunity to do some casting. Three new NOE molds:
5 cavity 225-35 RF, diameter .226 at 35 grain. Cast great first time out.
2 cavity 460- 186 CB Collar Button, diameter .461 at193 grains
2 cavity TL 454-290 RF, diameter .456 at 301 grains
A newer Arsenal mold, slick sided 5 cavity, diameter .2235 at 39 grains.
Then 2 NOE molds I got from Brad, at a very good deal I will say.
3 cavity 225-37 FN, diameter .227 at 39 grains
4 cavity 312-148 RN diameter .313 at 154 grains.
Both of the molds from Brad cast great first time use.

Arsenal 36 slick, NOE 225-37, NOE 225-35

NOE 312-148, NOE 460-186, NOE 454-290


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I really didn't think I would even try to cast anything until November but we got a break today. Cool enough to cast but raining so no range time. I cast some 45s with the RCBS mold and some 10s with a Lee 401-175 TC six cavity. Ordinarily some of these would have been culled but considering I was out of both calibers and we still have plenty of heat coming I will be less picky with these.


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Was in need of some 32 caliber wad cutters. So spent part of the morning casting a few. Used three different moulds, ones an 80-grain double ended wad cutter another's an 89-grain wad cutter with a dimpled hollow point/nose, and the third is a 90-grain hollow based wad cutter. My favorite is the little dimple hollow points. Mostly because of how it looks. The double ended wad cutter is probably the most useful though. These will get used on paper and grouse at pop gun velocities. I've hit grouse to low and into the breast area with a 22 L.R. and had them do a trapeze artist routine where they spin on a branch till upside down then drop from the branch and take flight. If I miss the head and hit them high in the breast with a 32 none of them have ever flown away. [/ur[url=https://postimages.org/] [/ur[url=https://postimages.org/] l]l]