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We're still workin' on this place to get it ready for a "FOR SALE" sign in the front yard. For the sake of getting out quicker, we're going to forgo a lot of updating and sell below comps. Not counting mortgage payment, costing about $500 more per month to live here, as opposed to Northern AR.

My better (much better) half has fallen in love with a 3,000+ sq. ft. house on 15 acres in a neighboring county to Rick and Winelover. It would be easy to fashion a 100 and even 200 yard range. Lots of (unfinished) basement space for a machine/hobby shop.
That property was several months ago, is it still listed? Cannot buy a property from internet pictures, no choice but to look it over and place a bid if your still interested after seeing it.


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This is a different property. I think the one you are thinking of is the property we liked in Izard County.

Can't really make a valid, meaningful offer until this house is actually on the market.


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Just as a sideline to Ne weather. Ne has a distinction of having
a tornado on the ground in every month of the year. Not bragging,
just stating.