Weaver Kaspa 4-16x44


SE Kansas
Anybody have any experience with one of these? Got a chance to get one for a C note that's NIB.


Residing in New England
I have a 3-12 version

its OK. I dont like the knob for lighted reticule. (Dont like lighted reticules much)

I would but again if not lighted.


SE Kansas
The one I just bought isn't described as being a lighted reticule. Got it for $100 shipped so I can't get hurt to much.

Rick H

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I have a Weaver Kaspa 1-6 illuminated on an AR. It isn't a real good scope. Clear enough a bit dim compared to even Leupold VX-1's and low end Nikon's. The adjustments track decent. I am not a fan of the goofy multi aim point reticle and the scope is half again heavier than it needs to be.
The price was right and it is serviceable. (it was tossed in to sweeten the deal on a trade)