What caliber for Sage Hopper?


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I bet this will bring some more/new hunting tourism to WY

First 90 Kangaroos released in Wyoming
(Dubois, Wyo) – The Wyoming Wild Game Department (WWGD) partnering with the Wyoming Migration Initiative (WMI) have released the first of 5 planned batches of 90 Antilopine Kangaroos into the Wyoming outdoors.

Dubbed “Project Sage Hopper” by the WWGD team responsible for evaluating the viability of Wyoming’s habitat for Australian marsupials, it has been in the planning stages for 3 years. The goal is two-fold: Create new and interesting wildlife viewing opportunities for tourists, and in several years, potentially provide additional hunting opportunities.

“Antilopine means ‘antelope-like, so we are interested to see how these kangeroos adapt to Wyoming’s wild landscapes,” WMI Director Matt Kauffman said. “If they start migrating, we’ll be tracking their movements, looking to see how they learn to exploit the sage steppe and the mountains, where they ‘hopover,’ those sorts of things.”

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Won't be long till they spread out and are in Brad's backyard. o_O

Must be a purpose in intentionally releasing non-native species but what that might be sure escapes me, :confused: Perhaps they feel that native critters need competition for available food. :confused:


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they would make it all the way to December.
now if someone had said Arizona.


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Wyoming wild game department was the giveaway.
they are the Wyoming department of game and fish [not fish and game it's a desert]
probably the best bunch of game wardens in the country too.


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As late as 35 yr ago there was a feral camel seen in Nevada .......

I kind of thought Roo's that far north was stupid but with many of the folks in charge deep intellect there was little shock , surprise or even doubt ....


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The one in the photo? Haven't decided? I am new to barreless bolt action handguns. The magazine will make it handy, I like a repeater.


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Well, if it's for the wife...

You do have a lathe...

Wildcat time...

338 supergirl:eek:

There ya go, speak with fiver & Ian about possible dimensions/ target velocity. ;)