What lead pot do you use and/or recommend?


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I doubt he got one when I bought my 2.

I started out ladle casting and went the other direction.
I still pull out the ladle from time to time, well not really pull it out, it's laying on the bench right behind the lee 10 lb pot.
as an aside I wouldn't recommend the LEE 10 lb pot for ladle casting, it builds up waay too much oxidized lead on the surface, the 20 lb pot is much better for that..


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If my memory is correct I have 2 Lee 20# bottompour, a Lee 20# ladle only, a Lyman 5 pound pot I use for casting soft nose bullets, an RCBS 22# bottompour, and the Magma 40#. I purchased the Lyman and one of the Lee 20# bottom pour pots, the others were gifts.
See John, 6. Get with the program.


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Ladle convert here too.
Took the advice last year and now I have a nice RCBS bottom pour I have not turned on in a year. I have a Lee ladle pot and a new RCBS digital ladle pot.
I went from one ladle to seven but and this is a big but the Rowell ladle is that cats meow period!


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Tune up complete. I cleaned the pot out, made a wood sleeve for the spout handle to keep it cool. There is a little room behind to add a little more weight of needed. The mold guide is scrap aluminum from a shower enclosure. It is adjustable for height. I also re tapped and religned the screws that guide the spout, makes operation easier. I looked at several new pots but decided to try this first.