whats your favorite '06 cast bullet gun


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While I no longer own it, I had a sporterized 1917 Eddystone that had a commercial rear Peep, that was fun to shoot cast with, I could say it was a favorite.


i don't own one but i had a rem m700 in mountain rifle, adl and bdl; savage m116 with adjustable brake and rem m760. i traded them all off(expect the 760, i gave her to my oldest son). nowadays i'm a 30-40 krag man. a 165gr ranch dog with h4198 going about 1900fps is my deer rifle.


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Have a low # (500,xxx) Springfield 03 original that I cannot remember if it was rebarreled. Gets a steady diet of RCBS 180 FNGC at about 1800 fps sized to .310 as I generally do for all our 06 military rifles.
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Charles Graff

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My favorites in no particular order:

Garand, Red River Army Depot (6-65) rebuild. Only about a 3 MOA rifle, but very fun to shoot.
NRA Sporter clone, I made myself. A reliable 10 shot 1.25 MOA rifle with either case or those dreadful little yellow thingies.
Remington 4 groove 03A3, rebuilt by Ogden Arsenal and come to me unfired. A reliable 10 shot 1.75 MOA rifle.
1952 Winchester 70, a reliable 10 shot 1.75 MOA rifle.
Winchester 1917, I had not shot it enough to come to any conclusions about it full accuracy.

When I say "reliable 10 shot", I means that is what it will do anyday, when I am doing my part. I have shot many targets smaller, but any targer larger will be my fault.

Without a doubt the 30-06 is my favorite centerfire caliber. I also like the .308 Win., 30-30, 30-40 Krag and 45-70, but the good old "06" leads the pack.
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Do you have a particular favorite bullet or are there several of them Charles?