Why do we do this to ourselvss


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The two of us this year totaled over 150 years on the earth, the deer
was big, but one in the back of the truck other on the ground got him
in fairly easily. If you put the back end in first, the guy in the truck
pulls, and the one on the ground wraps around the trunk of the deer
and lifts, it goes fairly smooth. Just my opinion.

I shot a big cow elk this morning. Loaded her up in the back of my truck, and up onto the toolbox.

By myself.

I felt like a whooped pup by the time I was done, took me an hour and a half just to get her loaded.

Used ratchet straps, a come a long, and rope tied to the four wheeler to get it done.

Funny thing is, my first thought after I dropped her was "now that was stupid! "


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Think if I was by myself, I would have quartered it, taken the
ribs and back straps. Would have been much easier to load.
A fairly common practice in Alaska for moose.

Paul, that thought had crossed my mind, but here in the high desert, if the fresh cuts had touched the ground, they would have been covered in dirt.

I'll see if I can post some pictures of the process.


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Well I never loaded anything that heavy by myself. Good job! Also congratulations on the hunt and the kill, it is no small matter.

I always lean toward cutting things up into manageable pieces but I know that can't always happen.

Getting a mechanical advantage on weight is always interesting, especially improvised. Pulleys, levers, inclined planes etc.


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the thought 'now that was stupid' when I dropped her post tickles me! when I was MUCH younger AND in shape and in the Army - in CA. We used to hunt wild boar in the mtns. Fortunately, we all shot diff calibers! We would hit a point where one of us would ask for the other guy to unload an give up his ammo. Reciprocity reigned! That way we could not get stupid and shoot something there was no way in hell we could drag out!

On another point, these days, and older - this season I got to where there are some great places to take a nice buck, but no way I can solo drag it out w/o providing my wife with life insurance! So, bigger empty pack and gambrel. walk out and get it and go back and hang and strip out straps and hams and pack it out.
Went hunting with a buddy of mine several years ago. We stopped at the Waffle House for breakfast and later that morning while on my stand, a nice doe came up and i proceeded to put her down. Well I got down and made my way to her and my buddy calls me on the walk-in talkie saying he’ll be right over to help me drag the doe out. So here’s two 66 year old men about to stroke out dragging a doe up hill through cut timber brush. I told by buddy, let’s go ahead and Field dress her so she’ll be lighter. No sooner had we started, when Mother Nature called me and I scooted off into the thicket to do my business. Don’t know if it was the coffee or the greasy bacon, but it took me some time to “complete” my business. When I finally got back to the deer all I found was a gut pile and drag trail up the hill. My buddy had dragged the deer up to the clear cut and was sitting on his tailgate waiting on me. He continues to this day to rag me about coming up with excuses to get out of Field dressing and dragging my deer out. (Your story made me think of this)
Could have been any of a number of things from a Waffle House! :eek:

Going back out this morning with my buddy that should have been with me last week, think I'll take a camp chair, just in case he gets one! :D