WTB - 32 ACP brass

Tomme boy

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I will look later today. I can pull them apart and take the primers out. If I still have them you can have them.


Medina, Ohio
I've got some you can have...292 cases 1fired...for the cost of shipping SFRB. PM if you want them.


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Ben - have a 32 ACP I fire occasionally. Will try to remember you want the brass. Yours for the asking...


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Ha.......! ! !
Trevor has been wanting one of these pistols for about 2 yrs. now.
To answer your question, The pistol will go to Trevor.



Redlands, Kalifornistan
AH HA! I thought Trevor might have been a co-conspirator in this acquisition.

Let's talk "aesthetics" here. Most service autopistols are NOT elegant. They do have a presence, they serve a purpose, and they send a message--but they are not aesthetically-pleasing.

The Beretta 81/84/92/96 are ELEGANT. BEAUTIFUL. Trevor has GREAT taste. FWIW, my last uniform-duty sidearm was a Beretta 96. (Bias alert).


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He fell in love with the 81' the 1st day he saw one in Huntsville, AL.