your not gonna believe this.


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after some lengthy research work I managed to find a picture of the guy that cuts the chambers on Remington rifles.
here he is on his way into work bright and fresh on a Tuesday morning.


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actual oft mis aligned chambers.
the joke over at the marlin forum is this is the guy that puts their sights on, and aligns their barrels with the receiver.
Marlin too? Hate to hear it. The last Marlin I own now is a 1950, 35 Remmy that looks like it just came off the line yesterday. Ahhhh, that ones just fine. :cool:

358156 hp

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Remingtons are okay, there are just a few simple steps needed to bring out their true potential. Remachine the bolt & receiver, replace the factory trigger, along with the barrel & stock.


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I have to say... Have a pair of Rem 1911 NY R1s. They are very well built and tight as a fiddle! Prob 5-7 yrs old. And a brand new R1 from the new Huntsville factory (I live about 10 mi from it! And this one was a grad present for son #4!). And it, too, seems very well built. However, I would not touch a Remlin 'marlin' from them! They were junk. Supposed to be better in the last year or so, but imo they have to way re-earn my trust (and prob never will on lever guns!).


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It ain't all bad, Remington has generated a ton of business for Henry, Uberti, and Mikuru in the past decade.


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About 8 or 10 years ago, a friend was a chief firearms instructor for a large local
PD. They ordered something like 6 or 10 new Rem 700 sniper rifles. One was
shooting really badly, right off the bat. A close look showed the rifling ending about
half way down the barrel. That was a warranty repair.

And as to Remlins.....I helped a friend's son purchase a used 336 at the last gun show.
He got a really nice, top of the line model, all the bells and whistles, white line spacers,
nice walnut, adjustable rear, hooded front, factory sling swivels, for a good price. He
wasn't interested in a new one.

358156, that is the procedure that the Finns used to make M/28s from Mosin-Nagant 91s.
Worked, mine will do 1" at 100 with good ammo. Never found a 91 or 91/30 even close to
that accurate.

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I have a 2010 1895G . Outside of the forend being a little bit thick and me adding a Williams FP to it I can find no real issues . Now it is a second hand gun and the grooves aren't as deep as I'd like them to be . I haven't really done any 100 yd work ups but field leaning and knee rests make 6" steel at a 100 reasonably easy with most Trapdoor level loads . I wasn't real enthusiastic about shooting many loads over about 1600 fps with 412 - 417 gr bullets in that 7.5" barrel and I just really don't think it would be a whole lot of fun off a bench , even a standing bench after 15 or 20 rounds . So what I can say is apparently I got the blind squirrel acorn . Based on all of the Intel I can get on the 45-70 in lever guns anything under 2" is an exceptional gun and up to 3" isn't all that unreasonable when shooting hot Trapdoor loads . If a guy really wants to work it there are several .460 dia WC in 250 , 300 , & 350 gr weights there are a couple SWCs also if you want to shoot a Kieth style 400-450 gr SWC . I'm still kind of holding out for a 475 gr shaped like a 430421 only a 460421 @475 ...... There are probably as many choices for bullets as in 30 cal if you're interested in paper patching pistol bullets it gets even more likely . Frankly I ain't shooting them all to find the obscure 1 off Cramer or H&G that Fes Parker ordered in 1949 that makes it shoot a .75 group . The rest of the 8,000,000 rifles they made are probably manure . I've shot mine side by side with a stainless 1895 GG JM from 2003 and as far as I can see the only difference is the blue/walnut vs SS/walnut .

I kinda feel like if ya wanna pay 3x as much for a Winchester or 6x as much for a really real Winchester that up to you but I don't expect a $4-500 Remlin to be on par with a $1400 Winchester or a $3000 RR Winchester but those had better be better shooting by $8-2400 or I'm going to be pretty let down . Ya don't get a Caddi or a Lincoln when ya pay for a nagahide Chevy or hand crank window Ford .


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My Marlin GG SS will regularly do 2" or a touch under for five shots at 100 yds with a
scope. I added a Kick-EEZE pad, soft, energy absorbing urethane, helps with my 1750 fps
405 gr hunting loads. Pre-Rem, just as a baseline.

I spent most of 2017 sending a couple 1895 sbl's back and forth to marlin.
Went through four barrels on two rifles.
Three of the barrels had the rifling boogerd up. They all three had one land that was two micro lands, about a half to one thousandth tall, and each land next to the bad one was about one thousandth tall. The other three lands and groves looked normal. Obviously had broken tooling.
The forth barrel had good rifling, but was canted very bad.
I ended up just getting my money back. I have lots of pictures.
I still want a 1895 just have to keep an eye open.
Sound as though some of these manufacturers are feelin the pressure & are building what they can sell profitably. Or more aptly, sellin what the public wants to buy at that price. Which is kinda sad cause it's usually the death bell ringing. Won't be long if you want the nostalgia of a lever, you'll have to use some "Flex Seal family of products" & glue it to an AR stock.