.280 Rem. Mauser 98


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Beautiful work, that rifle is a gem!
280 rem is an interesting cartridge, how does it cooperate with cast bullets?


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Yup,same as Spin.... how's she behaving with cast?

That aside,gorgeous rig...... that's minwax poly right? Haha,couldn't resist.

It's been stainless and plastic here last few days,raining.


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I also like the no checkering, I’m a big fan of plain smooth wood. You are right, take the Handi’s to woods and leave that pretty thing locked up!


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This one could certainly get the job done in the woods, but I've got other hunting rifles more appropriate for that task.

Best to you,

Jeff H

NW Ohio
Ben's putting the pressure on.....

My last two Mausers have been sitting in the safe for some years, one of which is still unfinished. Now, I feel like I should do something with it.

It won't look anything like Ben's, I'll admit that right now.

I have the recoil pad somewhere.

I think I remember where the front sight ramp is.

Should have bought that old Redfield Sourdough front sight last year I saw on that big auction site....

Dang it, Ben!


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Gorgeous gun Ben. My 280 is an old Santa Ana customized 98 that a 175 bullet touching the lands is only 3/8" short of touching the case neck. It is a jacketed only but is a great game killer from Elk to 'Lopers.


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Amazing piece of wood and the stock work and finishing sure are top notch, bringing that wood up to a piece of art.

And it sure does shoot, too.

A rifle to be proud of, for sure, Ben.


SE Kansas
Absolutely gorgeous rifle, especially the master craftsman woodworking and finish. However, even more important (when showing pics on the internet) it the quality of the photos themselves. Well done in all respects Ben.