358 YETI


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I’m a 35 cal nut!!

couple years back I looked hard at this one but decided upon the 357 AR a friend in another forum was building. Brass cases was a PIA to make as there was no 223 basic then.
Figured why re create the wheel. I mean as cool as another 35 is Id just do a ar10 and a 358. A caliber that started my 35 cal obsession. I know I know bigger longer heavier... I didn’t do that. I also never completed a 357AR. But jumped upon the 350 when released only to be let down with the foolish 9mm long it really is. But I have grown to like it.
I’m waitin in a few sales and I’m gonna order a CVA Scout in 35 Remington. Two buddies have them and don’t shut up about the lo cost and accuracy. (I was a handihaulic no so long ago and appreciate a cheap SS chooter.
Project looks like your enjoying it! I’ll enjoy reading more posts. Have fun hope it’s a shooter for ya!