A couple new optics today.


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Both Vortex Diamondback series.
Some 10x42 Binos and a 4x12x40 scope for my Dad’s 1894 Cowboy in .38/.357 EFF8D94C-F826-4C46-B5A5-7BA7FBFF7A5E.jpeg C9CBBDAB-DEE0-459B-9771-61C545F144BF.jpeg


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I started with the Bino's.
I was looking at stuff through the 10 power bino's I couldn't find in my older 4X12 Leupold scope.
it was pretty disconcerting after realizing I had passed an easy shot on a buck with the leupold thinking it was a doe, only to clearly see the antlers with the Bino's after being not so sure and looking again.


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Nice scope bit sure is a lot of glass for a Marlin CB!

I love my 10-42 binocs. Actually have a couple pair. Wouldn't hunt without them.


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I put that same model scope on my mvp, only complaint is the really short eye relief (an affliction of the whole db series). I been happy with the $100 leupold 10x binos but might have to check out those vortex ones.