A great deer rifle

thats a great little 788!!!! i don't own one, but friend has a 243 and my uncle has a 308.

my dad has savage m340 in 30-30(open sights). he uses it occasionally to hunt deer.
I own two 788's that I bought brand new....left handed actions in .308 and 6mm Rem. I restocked both of them...just because I could. They are both great shooters, although I have not tried cast in either of them.


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The action is glass bedded. 1.5 inches of the barrel in front of the receiver is also bedded. The remainder of the barrel is free floated. There are no pillars.
The one I’ve acquired has a barrel channel glassed completely along with the action. I’m going to try it that way if I ever get of this sling. If it will not perform that way I’ll have to scrape out the channel. Ben, your rifle blows up the notion that 788’s are ugly,yours is far from ugly. Great shooter and beautiful too.
Yes, that is how they built 788 LH'ers. Hard to see in pic's. Sorry.
If you notice I turned the scope 90 degrees, it had the aggravating habit of ejecting about one out of five empties into the horizontal adjustment turret and back into the action. I liked the scope and it had to be there for proper eye relief and this seemed like a reasonable solution.


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