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Yes, either too much lube or a lube that isn't thinned properly will really slow down drying time. Glad you have things going your way now. You may still want to try a small fan, it really accelerates drying time.

I must have lucked up. My BLL seems to dry very nicely. I did notice some slight tackiness on the third coating that I tried on my 311-188 Hunter boolits. I may have added a bit too much on this third coating. They did eventually dry however.


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One coat ought to do it unless you're sizing, then just wave the bottle at the container for the first coat to get something on the bands (three drops for 100 bullets or so), then size, then coat with a little more.
After almost 2 weeks the ones that had bens red first and then bll are still a bit sticky. Do they need to dry a bit before the bll? Seems the mineral spirits in the bll is dissolving some of the bens red and leaving them sticky.
Ok, made a new batch, 3oz landmark, 3 ox Xlox, and 4 oz Naphtha to see if it will dry quicker. Got a batch of 41 cal bullets for the first test, about 35 bullets. See how these dry and then on to lubed bullets tomorrow.
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XBox? I would suggest PS4 myself but hey, your gaming system.:p

If done right they should dry pretty quick with a fan blowing across them. Certainly overnight.

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BLL has made a tumble lube junky out of me lol. I was fortunate enough to stock up on the original JLW before they discontinued it.

What really sold me on it was the fact that it shot the same loads I had developed with Ben’s Red with the same accuracy.
I’ve used it as an overcoat on already lubed bullets, but most of the time I use it as a stand alone lube. 1 to 2 coats for handguns and 3 coats for rifle.
I’ve shot up to 2600fps. In both 30 and 35 cal. rifles with zero leading with just the 3 coats. Of course i’ve done the same thing with Ben’s Red.

Ben really hit a home run when he came up with BLL.
Quick and easy to make and shoots just as well(some say even better accuracy) as Ben’s Red.For me...they are at least equal to each other in my loads and interchangeable with the same loads.
That’s a hard combo to beat!