Are you certain he is dead ?????????????


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Eut - that pic of that disc brake mushroom, and associated story, brought tears to my eyes! I love it. And soon to have a JES 38-55! Can't wait.


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I don't know if it's the right gun, but I always carry a 10MM loaded with 190 gr. cast shallow hollow points at about 1,300 fps on the deer lease.
I've got several 44 Mags, but it's 6 rounds in the model 29 versus 16 rounds in the Glock 20 and I've seen some herds of pretty big pigs. If nothing else, maybe the "flash and awe" will cause them to scatter.
Hogs are one of the toughest critters to bring down in Texas.
Listening to three or four 400+ lb. black boars hissing and snapping their tusks will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.
Those tusks are razor sharp and boars aren't too bashful. I don't think there's anything in east Texas that can bring them down and they know it!
Eutectic, how big is that one on the wall?


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Eutectic, how big is that one on the wall?
He was 260 lbs on the scales. All muscle too. I bet he had a whole 2 lbs of fat on him!

You mentioned the tusks being razor sharp.... Those tusks are self-honing to stay that sharp! A close look at that ol' boy on the wall shows a slight honing wear between the uppers and lowers! Ask that ol' boy Ben pictured..... He'll tell you there sharp!

Had a lot of fun with boar on the wall the last 25 years. Funny how young kids are scared of him.... Yet I can hold them up to my snarling Badger and they'll even try to touch it! My granddaughter when young called it "The Bite-On"! Bet if she saw it now it would be different after 4 years in the Marine Corps.... even shot on their shooting team!



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To go off topic slightly, my buddy Ian got an antelope tag after 5 years in the Nevada lottery. He tracked one to within 150 yards, and took a clean shot. The bullet went clear through the heart. Ian had a heart attack at the same moment. He dragged the buck back to his car, loaded it in, and drove to the hospital where he got a quad bypass. He said he didn't want those 5 years to be a total waste.


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To go off topic slightly, my buddy Ian got an antelope tag after 5 years in the Nevada lottery.
5 years!!! You fellas are W A Y too far west! The year before I transferred to Texas we were working in Wyoming at a plant we finished building. The areas around us we overrun with goats (antelope) Game and Fish issued extra doe tags that year for residents $15 each and as many as you wanted! I took eight that season testing many 'dispatch' variations at the same time.
We moved to Texas andstill hauled 72 pints of canned antelope with us! I still had my two youngest at home then and they loved it! Mom making a spread like tuna.
Move inland a 1000 miles or so!



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My son and I shot 5 speed goats a few years ago and every time I took my wife to dinner she would say "Funny, this doesn't taste like Antelope.

The only hogs I have seen are in pens or County fairs.

Rally Hess

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That guy is going to be reminded of that incident every time he puts his pants on, for the rest of his life. I can't image how much pain he endured to get those wounds cleaned.


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You want to hear another hog story?
The guy that ran our lease in the 90's had two sons on the lease and they each had a friend on the lease.
The sons and the friends were very safe with guns and were normal late twenty to thirty year old men ( originally typed in kids. To me now, everyone under 40 is a kid!).
One of the friends hunted on a pipeline and shot a 400 lb. boar at a lazed 425 yards. perfect shot right behind the ear. A great shot at that range
Dropped the boar in it's tracks.
While field dressing, the boar was not rank and turned out to be very good eating.
I knew the friend was shooting a Remington 700 in .270 Win. and asked him what grain bullet he was using.
His response was "I don't know".
I asked him what brand of bullet he was using and he said "I think it a green or maybe yellow box, Ill have to check".
Apparently they had all gone to the range and sighted in their rifles ay 100 yards and the friend never gave it another thought.
Now the guy that ran the lease reloaded for himself and his sons, but not for the friends.
Luckiest shot I ever heard of. I don't know how this kid even got close to this pig, much less, hit him where he did.
needless to say, the friends did not get invited back the next year.

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Seeing wounds like that is a good reminder to us all to be carefull aproaching "any" downed game. Especially when they have big choppers like that or horns.

I take it the guy recovered from his wounds and was very lucky to do so.
I've heard of several hunters in my neck of the woods over the years having bad experiences with supposedly "dead deer" while trying to cut their throat to further "bleed them out".(a practice i've just never felt was neccesary).

One story was a hunter momentarily penned against a tree while the buck tried to gore him. Another guy, whom i happen to know, supposedly took a short ride through the woods on a whitetail buck's back after he straddled the deer to cut his throat.

I wasn't there, but he was skinned up pretty badly when i next saw him and that was the story he told.


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A guy related a story to me once of having stepped over a well hit deer and having it stand up under him and take him for ride . He told with more color and detail than I care to type but I guess the ride lasted 25-30 yd and about 2 hours from where he was hanging on to an antler to keep it out of his gut and groin while trying to unholster his 9mm and find a good place for a shot . His partner said it was more like 10 yd and 5 seconds at most . I envisioned something akin to a mustang trying to shake a cat off by all means including kicking and biting gouging and a gate about as slick as a surprised camel and the cinch being antlers .....


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I had a boss that had the misery of a two point whitetail jump into his truck window at 25 mph. Roy is a huge man at 300+ lbs and there was no room for the deer to go but that didn't stop him.
A former Idaho F&G warden was told to bring a "dead Bald Eagle" to the office for proper forwarding. Supposedly hit by a car on the highway. It was still alive so he reported that and was told to bring it in and it would get taken to raptor recovery. He wrapped it in his coat as it wasn't real happy about being taken in. By the time he got to the local office it really wasn't happy. He walked in the door with it, let it out of his coat and it flew down the hall to the chant of "Hey, here's your Eagle". He claimed he stayed out of that office for a couple of weeks.


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Good afternoon
Looked at those photos again! No regrets turning a japchester 45-70 into a 50 Alaskan for pig hunting.
My first Armor platoon Sarge was real fond of saying "Shoot-em twice troop, ammo is cheap but your training is not".


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My only pig kill in Tex was from a stand over
bait. About 275 lb, about 6o yds, 45-70, 420
gr Ohas over 24 gr 2400, dac filler. He must
have done a roll over on impact, because he
was 4 legs straight up when I got to him. I
think it was Robert Raurak (sp) who wrote the
book "Use Enough Gun", a very good read.
If I get a chance to go again it will be with my
#1, and the same load. Good for anything in
the lower 48.