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The table saw was calling me today and I love the smell of sawdust. I rounded up some wide mouth bottles and have the as cast bullets in them. I made a dozen of the pine boxes with a lip that fits in the top of the next box. I’m using these to store the sized, lubed and ready to load bullets. This condensed a lot of odd shaped containers that I was using into a space saving storage system. Actually I was bored and had nothing else to do on this gloomy day.
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Looks a lot nicer than my bench full of coffee cans. Add carpentry to the many things that I'm not good at.


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A hoarder, here, too. I have 900-plus pounds of ingots, about 500 pounds of bullets in various calibers and weights, and a five gallon bucket of stick-on weights. I gave my son-in-law, who is just getting into casting, a five gallon bucket of clip-on weights and another of stick-ons.

Scrounged the tire stores for a while after the lead ban went into effect, maybe two years, then the zincers became more numerous and the scrounging not worth the effort.
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I figure I have roughly 1500 pounds total. About 6-800 pounds in ingots. 250 pounds of no longer needed cast bullets to remelt. 800 to 1000 pounds of raw range scrap to melt


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So true Chandler. I’ve got a brother with a sawmill that will confirm that!
PNW too. When I worked in a custom cabinet shop, we made a nice over-sink lower cabinet rail from a piece of knotty Alder that had a .30-cal bullet grown into it and sawn perfectly lengthwise. Had to hand sand that face frame to not ruin the widebelt sander, but it turned out nice in the "rustic country" custom kitchen.

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This is true. For probably 15 years in the winter when there was no work for road const. I worked on a farmers property that people payed to slide down his hills on inertubes. One day during a slow time. I was looking at a large Red Oak at the top of one of the hills. There was a large branch growing from the trunk. Someone had put their glasses in the upper crease where the branch leaves the trunk. The tree had grown around half of the glasses.


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funny you guys talking about this.
I was up a canyon the other day and found a stump that was sawn off, it was actually two trunks from the same stump but they had an old wooden fence post grown in between them sideways.

now how the post got up there or why it was there on state land I will never know.
it was also obvious the tree had been cut down years ago [all black and rotting] so the post had to have been placed there at least 150 years ago. [about the time the area was starting to be settled]
the stump was about 30"s across below the split trunks, which were about 16-18"s around.
kind of weird I thought, and kind of cool of whoever cut it down to leave it like that.


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There were a couple of ranches around Moab Ut that had southern colonial style main houses complete with tree lined drives . Each tree was said to be the result of the green posts that were set deep enough to stay wet and took root .

During my last employment we were building for a big job chopping 100 odd pieces of about 2' 4×4 on a 16" radial arm saw . The 4-5th cut into a 16 footer bang pow !!! Get it shut down , catch our breath . There was about a 3/8 mild steel rod like those 60d common tent stakes . It stripped about 2/3 of the carbide points off and turned 5 teeth on a 60 tooth blade out full depth . Just like $175 saw blade gone .


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