Bullet Storage


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mah! we just changed the discussion.
but a title change would still work, especially since those storage boxes were found in a [former] tree.


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My wife washes everything for recycling anyway. It goes in the blue bin and only about half of it makes it to the recycling center in town by the end of the month.
I didn't mean to hijack. I know that is annoying. Bad sense of humor at times. I'm like you. I like wood working. I made a box with a routered slot to slide a lid for my beam scale to keep it sorta clean. It is therapy for me to craft an item from my meager collection of machines.


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Man, and I was about to go on with what Chandler said about doing a lot with a little equipment.

We got two random/OT threads that get more play than any here, and somehow we manage to derail them with topical topics.


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It isn’t the equipment that matters, it is the idea, drive, and desire to get the job done.
Give me a talented man with poor tools over a klutz with a shop full of tools any day.


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My journeyman AI who had a long stories career used to say , " The only difference between you and a guy with a $50,000 shop and the fancy item specific tools is the $50,000 shop ." , & " Always blend your work to the last guys , make sure yours is as good or better than his but make the next guy guess where it ends and begins .". I've found that to be very difficult sometimes because sometimes you can't do what the last guy did just because it falls at the very extremes of slip shod . Right , safe , legal , but just really poorly exicuted without any finesse at all . This would be why I cut trim , route outside edges , and let someone else sand and finish wood . Sure I have the tools , I know how to use them , I just can't see finished in wood . There's always a dent , lump , scratch , or cut made against the grain to sand , steam or fill . Don't even talk to me about fillers .........

Meanwhile I have this mental image of how to use the 30-40 sets of 100# 16" roller drawer slides for soft close dawers in the loading room . Fortunately I also have a slip/roll and brake to make riveted metal drawer liners too . Which really means a library grade metal card file cabinet with really good slides .


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I prefer the feel of wood when it comes to drawer boxes. 1/2" Baltic birch plywood is expensive, comes in 5x5 panels, but is the berries for making plain drawers without dovetails. Rip a groove for 1/4" plywood bottoms before assembling with glue and brad nailer. Cut the plywood bottom 1/16" undersized on all sides and let it float. Make a drawer front and attach with screws from behind. Use Titebond II and it will last 100 years.


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I eat a lot of peanuts in square 2# plastic containers. I'm in the process of building another shelf unit (my 5th) this better last for a while, I'm running out of wall space.
for some reason this site keeps changin my picture form bullets in peanut jars to reloader762's picture
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I envy guys who do wood working for fun....

Just be careful with the airborne dust. Obviously for your lungs.... doh. But for professional shops,it's time management. Don't make a mess and you don't have to clean it up. Kinda like guttin deer..... learn to not get blood all over yourself. So,if you find yourself with a broom and dustpan in your hand more than say actually milling/machining or assembly..... may want to look into some DC (dust collection).

Pretty nice to run 1000' of mould and have maybe a coffee cup worth of swarf to clean up..... oh well.Great job Brother,nice looking case work.