Daughter threatened N Seattle, need CC gun advice.


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The man she lived with for years (who’s been married 5 times before- that should have thrown up a red flag) threatened her several times. Police reports and a restraining order has been filed but they are only paper.
She asked me what gun to get and I said a 380. I read several places that that was a good CC gun.
She is strongly independent and won’t let me buy her one.
My questions are:
  • What is the best CC 380 for the money reliability/accuracy?
  • Names of good FFL in N Seattle
  • Best places to buy a gun in N Seattle that won’t take advantage of a woman
  • Would it be cheaper to buy online and have it shipped to an FFL or buy face to face?
  • A good CC instructor in N Seattle
She plans to carry in her purse


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The LCP is a very low profile light weight pistol but it's zero fun to do range time with . The G42 is more bulky by a small margin but about 10x better to shoot for proficiency and general use . It is more controllable also and gives up about 2 oz to the LCP .
G42 on top .

If I understand the current changes to Washington Kaliforication it will take her over a week to have possession of the tool and could take up to a year to get a CCW if they will allow her to get one at all having had a TRO in place may make it impossible to get either at this point .


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Just make sure she can work the slide. My wife is no wimp , However she can not rack the slide on any CC auto pistol. It is just a dexterity thing!
That is why she carries a S&W Mod 32 snubbie revolver in 38 S&W. She feels more confident in using it in an emergency!
Had a nice purple LCP on hold for her but she never bought it because she couldn't rack it easily


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I've not been a fan of the 380 ever since several years back I read a report on it not penetrating a heavy winter coat. That can't be good.


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The LCP is also available in 9mm . The palm rack using full contact on top of the slide thumb and fore finger pinch forward of the rear slide . My Ms has a fused wrist which forces alternative means to rack . It has also occasionally become necessary for me to use such a means myself more recently due to a wrist/arm break now arthritic .


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I would highly suggest avoiding the lcp. My wife hated ours as I did. Owned one for about a year, ran the better part of 1300 rounds through it. If cleaned & oiled it would run ok, any pocket lint & it was a failure prone piece of junk.

Sig p238, Sig p938, or naa black widow in 22mag. My wife doesn't care for the p238, but she likes & has carried for years, the p938. I've shot a number of creatures with the 238, I don't even worry about penetration. At regular self defense distances it's a killer.

My mom has really taken to the lcr with a big dot front sight.

Not in the purse!

If she can get away I'd suggest the front sight 4 day defensive handgun course.

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It usually irks me a bit when someone chimes in and tries to steer the OP in a totally different direction - when they're not talking about something way off the wall, but I'll stick my neck out on this one.

There are lots of small autos that are seriously unfun to shoot, and many competent and capable women find racking slides difficult, especially on the tiny guns. One exception I found was a Kahr CW45, which was actually pleasant to shoot, but still - that slide.

I gave my wife a choice of any gun she wanted and she picked a Ruger LCRX in 38. She's shot a LOT of revolvers and could have picked any, but she picked that ugly thing. I've shot it and am amazed. If I ever replace my own pocketable 38, it will be with an LCR.


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Those Ruger LCRs in 38 Special impress me A LOT. Decent triggers, they chamber a serious caliber with some bullet weight of proven lethality. There are hundreds of them serving as back-up and off-duty guns with our deputies. Fill it with 158 grain LSWC/HP +P loads, and go forth.

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S&W offers the M&P Shield 380 in an "EZ" version. The "EZ" comes from it being easier to rack the slide, and I believe the trigger pull is a bit lighter than the other versions. It also has a grip safety to help enforce a proper grip when firing. Hickock45 gave one a workout earlier this year and really seemed to like it.

Since others have already breached the subject, I'd prefer a revolver for situations at contact distances because it is possible to push a semi-auto slide out of battery at contact distances. For this reason I still keep a revolver by the bed at night. Nothing, but nothing says "get off me", like a good revolver. If your daughter is recoil sensitive, 38 Spl target wadcutter loads are a perfectly acceptable I reliable low-recoil self-defense load.

Hopefully Ric Bowman will check in soon. He lives in Yakima, and may have contacts in Seattle. I only know two people in WA state. Ric in Yakima, and another guy just a little north of Yakima in Selah.


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I won't tell anybody else what to use or carry but I carry an airweight concealed hammer smith in .38 with Crimson trace grips. Why? It's easy to load, unload, and check to see if it's loaded. It has no safety to fumble with, it's always ready to go. You get a lot more choice of bullet weights and styles. It's hard for an assailant to take out of battery or disable. The trigger pull is the same first to last shot.

Most importantly, I know my level of training is not what it should be and I want something that I can pick up and use with out worrying about what "Condition" it is in. If it is in within reach it is loaded. If I were advising (not telling) someone how to prepare and what to use/buy I'd want to know how often they planned to practice and what kind of care they could give a firearm.

I love hardware and talking about CC guns and ammo is interesting but honestly the user's abilities and mental preparation is a lot more important than any caliber or gun.


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Keith B said everything I was going to.

We got an LCR for a family member and I like it. It shot well, easy to control, laser is a bonus.


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wasalmonslayer might be able to help also.

I'm no help in picking out a carry gun for anyone I don't know too well.
But I will back up Al's recommendation for a revolver for a non gun but probably has a high chance of needing a gun some time soon person.
pistols need at least a minimum amount of time to become familiar with and can be difficult for some people to operate.
revolvers are point and press for pretty much everyone, and adding a bright front sight is super helpful.

also touching on the Purse thing a bit.
she will need to put some effort and time in looking at different ones, making sure the side pocket is big enough to hold whatever she chooses to carry.
many of the purses don't have enough room for a size 7 or 8 hand let alone any gun bigger than a 25 or 32 browning/colt.


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In the meantime, she could look into the legality of tazers and pepper spray for SD in her jurisdiction, a non-lethal yet effective solution would certainly make life less complicated for her than a gun if she ever had to actually use it.


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Sorry guys the only purchases I make are on the east side.
If she comes over highway 2 to Wenatchee hooked on toys is where I buy all my stuff.
Probable bought 5 dozen set ups there.
Look for Shawn or Aaron if you make it there.

My two cents on the lcp is I have shot it many times and ended up selling it and getting a kahr cm9 way better to shoot and be proficient with and not a whole lot bigger than an lcp

Have a good night guys.
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I personally carry a Ruger LCP 380 - def NOT for everyone! But, the new S&W EZ Shield in 380 is awesome IF 380 will work for you. I have shot one and was very impressed with it, for what it is. It has a slide that is SUPER easy to operate. And ergonomically, it is very comfortable to grip and shoot (I have what would be considered medium hands - size 9 glove). And a huge plus, especially for a female/non-shooter - the recoil is very minimal. I was really surprised by how shootable it would be for a non-shooter. IMO, for someone who is a non-shooter, and won't practice much, if at all, and/or struggles to manipulate a slide, the EZ is the ticket. And, compared to the recoil of a 38 snubbie, it is much more user friendly.


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In the meantime, she could look into the legality of tazers and pepper spray for SD in her jurisdiction, a non-lethal yet effective solution would certainly make life less complicated for her than a gun if she ever had to actually use it.
Have to reiterate what Ian says about the pepper spray or maybe stun-gun. Most places will allow either without permits, which enables a limited level of self defense while waiting for a CCW. If she does opt to carry Capsicum, it is best in the 'pepper gel' spray form.


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Ditto on the pepper spray/tazer. From a police perspective, based on what I've seen over the years, encourage her to have NO CONTACT! Restraining Orders (Orders of Protection here) are just a piece of paper. She needs to cut contact altogether, no "I just want to talk to you honey! I'll change!" meetings, no phone calls, no nuthin'. Lock the door, shut the curtains and if she even thinks she see's him call the cops. He isn't going to change. Abusive men are little more than animals in human skin. Have her get an attorney through one of the womens advocacy groups if she has to, or at least legal advice there. Use the system, (which is geared towards protecting the woman, right or wrong) against him. Come down like a pile of bricks ASAP and knock the wind out of him. He'll get over it sooner if it's done that way rather than dragging it out with the. "But he can be so sweet!" trash. Best of luck to her.

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Well said Bret! The break needs to be total and complete so there are no misunderstandings about where the boundries are.