Daughter threatened N Seattle, need CC gun advice.


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Thank you for all your replies. Yes, she has shot before, she is around 40 and very strong for her size. I have bought her a taser and I'm making arrangements for her to go to a range that has "all you can eat" rental handguns. I concur it doesn't matter how good the gun is if she doesn't like it or know how to use it. Unfortunately, I no longer travel well but I will make arrangements for her to get the training she needs. When she was still at home, I was very busy and she had no interest in guns. Let this be a lesson for you with kids still at home!!!!


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My P3AT is reliable, but recoil is pretty snappy, but it is also VERY light, so easy
to carry, and simple, no safety, just long DA pull. Ammo selection is super
critical in this caliber. Any of the ultra small, ultra light .380s are a PITA to practice
with, a real problem with an only gun.

Also a J-frame S&W is a great choice. If she is recoil sensitive, 642 with factory 147
WC ammo is pretty mild shooting. And the revolvers bring this soft load for practice
concept to the table, a good thing for a newish shooter. 147 WC factory for practice,
and if she can handle the recoil, 125 Golden Saber +P, and Speer 135 Gold Dot are
good for-serioius loads. The Win PDX1 130gr is also a good one, according to testing
in gelatin with denim from snubby revolvers.

Off body carry (purse) is problematic, too. Purses get snatched, or are across the
room when needed, or can be accessed by children and other fools when left
unattended, even briefly. This is a good solution if a holster doesn't fit her
lifestyle and clothing choices.


My wife will not put anything into a pocket, or wear a belt, but this clips on. Is
bigger than a phone case, but in several years of wearing it, she has never gotten
a second glance when visible on her hip. Magnetic flap retention.

IMO, .38 Spl is more powerful than .380, but best .380 ammo, like Hornady JHPs
by Fiocchi are pretty darned good. Here is a guy who spent a HUGE amount of time
testing .380 ammo in short bbls. Worth watching if she will use a .380. This is
the summary, all the individual test videos are out there too. If she winds up with
the little S&W or Ruger LCR .38 Spl, I agree that the laser sight grips are a really
great thing indoors or in dim light when finding sights is hard.

Good luck.

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I often carry a Ruger LCP in a small holster in my pants pocket while wearing shorts. I generally prefer a 9 mil or 40 Smith & Wesson.
My wife's bedside gun is a S&W Model 36. I load it with hydro shocks and have installed Crimson Trace laser grips. My thinking is under the stress of the situation, and close quarter combat, the gun is simple to operate and won't malfunction do to close body contact.
Whatever she chooses she will need to practice regularly , if she has not grown up handling handguns. The safe handling and proficient shooting of a handgun is a perishable skill.

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I always went with, the best gun is the one you will carry. The last variable is to ask, “will she use a gun” if facing a woman? Kid? But a scared woman might even become aggressive with a Tazer. Eliminates the need for a lot of decisions at a time you don’t want any.


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The LCP is also available in 9mm . The palm rack using full contact on top of the slide thumb and fore finger pinch forward of the rear slide . My Ms has a fused wrist which forces alternative means to rack . It has also occasionally become necessary for me to use such a means myself more recently due to a wrist/arm break now arthritic .
They're called LC9 & a tad larger than LCP size/weight wise


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I have a LC9S and it is NOT a pocket gun unless you are Shaq O'Neal, it is a holster
gun, and pretty large for the Sneaky Pete. The super small 9s like it and SIG 938 are
hard to shoot well due to recoil, too.

LCP, S&W Bodyguard .380, SIG 238 and P3AT are real pocket guns, as is the J-frames with the
smallest grips will work in normal loosely fitted jeans pockets.



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As much as I hate to say it, I must be a real old fart. Nobody but us old farts wear loose fitting jeans anymore.
I've noticed that every woman I see out in public, as well as most of the younger men, are wearing form fitted stretch pants that couldn't conceal a pea, much less a handgun. Even blue jeans are now form fitted stretch material.
As a qualifier, I must say I live in the suburbs of a large metro area and not in the country.
Sorry for the tread drift.
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I used wear my jeans tighter than I do now. And young guys are very interested in "looking cool for
the chicks". Older guys, not so much. I have a number of friends who are 25-40 and most don't
wear extremely tight jeans, and a number of them will frequently have a J-frame or similar in a