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That's a good one, congrats Lamar! Got your wind back yet? It would take three of me just to get that one in the truck.


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Wow, makes my neck swell just looking at him.
Excellent work.
I'd have had to use a small block and tackle and a tree to get that one loaded.
I keep one in my truck for just such emergencies.
I'm extremely jealous!


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not too bad for a home made bullet.
the wind is back but the aches and pains are starting to kick in.:D

I used a sierra jacket to mimic their pro hunter [missed the ogive length by about .001] but I modified it by bonding the jacket to the 3% antimony core.
I also water dropped them from the little tool I made to sit on my lube maker single burner after the bonding process.
this cranks up the internal core BHN to about 18.
I clean the scale off the jackets in the wet tumbler then point form them then run them through the pin tumbler but in corn cob to polish them and to remove the swage lube, before letting them sit for a few months to get their full hardness.
it paid off totally today.
I hit him at just a bit over 400 yds using the Bergara 30-06 with a Vortex 4x14 scope and pushing the bullets along with 49.6grs of I-4064 for about 2800 fps.
the bullet hit him just a bit behind the ribs and drove forward nicking the liver going right through both lungs and making a total mess of them then it exited leaving a silver dollar sized hole in the rib it hit on the way out but only made a quarter sized hole in the skin.
when I pulled the heart out it was full of jellied blood.
I can't ask for any better penetration and performance.


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it took me about 3 hours to pull and partially carry it down near the truck.
it wasn't too bad across the one ridge and down through the frost covered grass but when I hit the flatter sage brush covered area I got my butt kicked pretty fast.
I finally drug him down as far as I could through a piece of private property then just drove the truck through their gate and up as close as I could get and tied all the rope I had together and drug him down the last 75 yards that way.
I was slowly working him up into the back of the truck when someone finally come down the road and I waved them down.
it was a lady out hunting and she helped me get him in the truck.
I asked where she was heading and I gave her a couple of ideas where to look since she was new to the area.

I didn't put a tape on him but he was as wide as the 24" barrel on the rifle.
I'm just gonna do a plaque mount and replace last years 3x4 and put it next to the 30" one I have taxidermy mounted.
Nice deer. Congratulation. While I was reading this I was hoping that you were able to recover the bullet in the carcass to show before and after pictures of the bullet.


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i have one I got from a bigger bodied deer a couple of years ago it's a picture perfect mushroom.
it was shot at a pretty extreme up hill angle and entered just above the sternum and the bullet stopped in the off side shoulder just under the skin.
about 19-20" of penetration, I was not amused, so I set out to control the expansion and add more penetration.
just like when I use a cast bullet,,,,, I want 2 holes.

the second hole is important.
it sucks air into the first hole as the skin expands outward, is a larger wound and allows blood to get out, and contributes greatly to collapsing the lungs.
it's like blowing up a balloon and then popping it.


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Well, thanks again to fiverswife. The pix he would have drawn us probably wouldn't be as impressive.

Congrats fiver!!! That's a beauty! Heck of a gun rack that one came with.


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plus you all got to see what I look like after a couple of hours sleep and lugging a couple hundred pounds of dead weight down a hill across a ridge up an incline for a way's and then down a mountain.

I really didn't think I could still do it [get the deer out] and I had to take it a bit at a time [with several breaks]to make sure we both got down the hill with one of the two of us still alive.
.....A A

you mean that wouldn't have covered it?
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I was wishing for one of those the last couple hundred yards.
I'd just hate to be pushing it all over the mountains and through the brush where I hunt.

I was up scouting around tonight, and got within about 20yds of one much bigger [at least another 4-5" wider] than that one.
if someone would have been with me it would have been a 15 yard shot.

the SIL was supposed to go out with me but called on his lunch hour and had to work late.
he is supposed to be off tomorrow but has to go in about mid-day so I'm gonna take them both up tomorrow morning. [he was pretty sick when I told him about the bigger one I seen right in a spot I showed him last year]
I'm going to position the truck right behind some choke cherry bushes for Littlegirl to hang out around right where she can watch the side of a long ridge I seen a couple of 2 and 3 point bucks on tonight just before dark.
I'm gonna take him up and turn him loose on top, then I'm gonna work some cover and hopefully I can run one out for her.
or she might get lucky and have one come up from the creek bottom while we are going up the trail to the back of the canyon.

the does and stuff were out and moving right at dark tonight they are all heading down hill I even seen a small herd of Elk heading down into their winter area tonight.
damn near took out a couple of does in the middle of the road when I was looking at the Elk out the window.

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Lamar, that’s a great looking buck. I haven’t made it out in the woods with a gun and license in too many years. Every year just is something in the way on opening day. I’m one of those cheapskates talked about in that other thread, and if I can’t get out on opening day I don’t wanna spend the dough on a license.


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Quite lucky living in Arkansas, four years ago I bought a lifetime hunting/fishing license. Grand total was $30.00.


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that's a good deal on a lifetime.
I'm thinking the Grandson will be receiving one for Idaho in the next couple of years.
figure I might as well get the money's worth out of them.

I generally just buy a 3 year combo for 100$ then get the tags as I need them.
the deer tags went up to 19.75 this year which is still pretty reasonable.
I could buy an over the counter out of state tag if I wanted a second deer, but 125$ is more than I want to spend for 40 lbs of meat.

Little girl got her buck this morning, but Trystan didn't get a shot at the one that come up to him it come up through the draw when I pushed a bunch of cows in the thick stuff.
he could hear it coming then went to look instead of waiting for the deer to calm down and it seen him first.
it was a pretty nice buck he said, almost a twin to the 3x4 I got last year, which would make sense since he was right about where I got that one.

i'll get the wife to put up a pic later.

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Lamar, that’s roughly what I would spend for he chance at a deer. Doesn’t hardly compute. No lifetime license available either. Maybe we need to move...:confused: