Effect of Powder Coating on bullet velocity


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Great post, Ian!
Another nice thing, powder coating requires no huge investments in equipment (like lube sizers). A bit of powder, and some Lee sizers and moulds, and you can make some very nice loads. It makes this hobby more accessible to many people.


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Thanks. It's just kind of sobering to realize that of all the rabbit holes I've been down and thousands of dollars spent on this or that powder or going through literally a dozen moulds and half a dozen alloys in some cases, not to mention about five years of intense bullet lube development and and countless nights spent reading everything I could about related subjects in books or internet instead of sleeping, the one I'm in currently in uses ONE ordinary alloy, mostly cheap and widely available Lee bullet moulds, and 4-5 powders to cover all the bases for everything, including the very particular ones of 300 BLK and 458 Socom subsonic AR loads. In a way I'm back where I started. I'm just about the point of starting to unload all the stuff I don't use or need anymore, and re-invest the money in more powder, primers, and brass.