flat nose or round nose?


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Or 30 HRT, the rimless 30 Herrett based off either shortened 30 Remington, or 6.8 SPC cases sized in 30 Herrett dies. You'll need a 6.8 sized bolt face though. The 30 HRT does require its own chamber reamer to reduce the overly generous Herrett spec throating though.

thanks, but i'll keep my 7.62x39. it was hard enuff for me to decide what gun?(cz527 or ruger mini30) i decided on the cz527. i'm not a super fps guy. the x39 should go 1800-1900fps with 150-165gr cast. if it goes over that, then i'll say fine, i'll use it. my accuracy days are gone, you know, "if it doesn't go 1/2" at 100 yards then try again till it does." i'm more than happy with a 2 - 3" group at 100 yards or a 4 - 6" group at 200 yards. but i'm only going 150 yards and it doesn't matter which caliber i use for deer: 30-40 krag-165gr rd/1900fps:444 marlin-300gr fn gc/1600fps: 500 linebaugh- 460gr lfn gc/1200fps.

this year i'll scope(gunsmith d&t, bolt handle need bent, 2 position safety) a husky m46 in 9.3x57. i'm going to go with a 280gr fn gc(10 lead/ 1 tin) at about 1800fps. for some reason, i don't care much about accuracy and fps anymore.