Happy Thanksgiving


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Ribs come off in 15 min or so. Brisket was done overnight.

Happy Thanksgiving to the ASBC family. You guys are what makes this place special, it is much appreciated.


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Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
We finally have sun today but High has not gone above 20 Deg! This moring low was 14 and tomorrow it should be about 5 deg or lower
Coldest Thanksgiving for us since 1901! Wind is brisk all day
My wife & I ended up doing the whole dinner! We were only to make the side dishes but The turkey came over in a bag!!!
Son and his significant other and family friend will join us at 5 pm
Had a flock of wild turkeys toying with me all day in my back yard! My wife even showed them the one we were preping through the kitchen window! Today is the last Fall Turkey hunting day for my area!!! Dang!


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Wow am I ever stuffed full. Absolutely took all wrinkles out of my shirt and it's all Mrs. Winelovers fault. :D

Hope everybody had as good a day as I did. :)

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I think I over did it though.... pretty sure i’m more stuffed than the turkey was.
Oh well, I could use a few extra pounds anyway.


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I cooked the turkey and the different tatoes.
put some ground chili peppers in the sweet potatoes mashed them all up with a little brown sugar and some butter.
torched the marshmallows on top with the propane torch.
I might not be the one cooking next year, but damn those sweet tatoes are good.
I also done some white sweet potatoes, those got mashed by hand and left a little lumpy, then I stirred in some butter and an almost caramelized white sugar sauce I made.
those got ate first go around the table, there was waay too many orange ones [okay not waay too many, I will finish them off tomorrow]
the turkey I started at 10 pm and finished at 10 am, I got up at 4:30 and flipped the bird over after putting a second layer of butter, pepper, ginger, and garlic up under the skin.

I got a nice stock made up for some turkey soup tomorrow.


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Wow fiver, sounds like you did it up right.

I smoked a duck and a 14+ lb. turkey. Brined the turkey yesterday for 17 hours. Both birds came out juicy and very flavorful. My Mrs. made her very much in demand candied yams and the turkey dressing that I've been making for most of the last 35 years.

Hope all had a happy Thanksgiving Day.


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I was one proud papa......

Kids and crew all politely bailed on us after 35 years of being the place to have Thanksgiving. So wife and I went to her homebound mom's house. With "Glenda",my mother in laws dear,dear sister and her husband. MIL,is the witch of the East.

So,I'm like do we take the dog? Yup,it'll give me an excuse to get out of earshot when the ole biddy starts talking about flying monkeys and $hit.

Oh,my goodness..... the dang dog was the most polite freakin four legger I've ever seen. She would go up to the folks and sit..... then put her head on their feet. She laid on a rug in the kitchen while the wife pulled everything together. Then we we sat down for dinner Coco goes and climbs up in a chair in the LR and takes an hour long nap.

But,good eats....and MIL kept it together,enough so had a pretty good day.


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I made a slight effort.. LOL.
the wife made some stuffing and gravy and a green bean casserole.
I added about a pound of bacon to her casserole after the youngest suggested adding 'some' to the top along with the French fried onions we done earlier.
I think the grandson ate about half of that by himself.

I was planning on putting the turkeys legs and thighs in the smoker for about an hour or so but the meat was falling off the bones so it would have ended up being just the 2 legs.

last year I cooked the turkey about 5hrs. at 200-F, then rested it for about 2 hours, then smoked it for about 2 hours to finish off the skin and re-heat everything back up to temp.
I thought it was undercooked when I first cut it open and the juices just started running out,,, that one was good too just different than this year.
I try to cook the bird a little different each year just to see how it goes.


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MIL brined a 15 lb bird per Emeril's recipe and it was super. She's experimented with the brine and times a bit over the years but this time she went back to the original recipe and followed it to the letter. We all agreed there isn't much to improve.


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you can get by without the brining if you slow cook them first then smoke them to finish them off.
I think the rest period in between is the key.
2 hours of smoke put a ton of flavor in the last one I done like that.
almost too much smoke flavor.


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I'm full of turkey soup but that still made my mouth water.
I like how the dark meat picks up a ham flavor when it's smoked, and the drippings make the best gravy on the planet.

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I've smoked several turkeys over the years, never brined one. I do cover with foil until the last hour or so. That will brown the skin.