Happy Thanksgiving


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Fried a lot of birds in the dessert just to keep the heat out of the house . Ms fussed about not getting to go through all of the oven basting nonsense after I smoked a couple . If she wants to wrestle it and not let me help I'll go kill a Christmas goose or 3 instead .


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Been smoking our turkeys, geese and ducks for at least 13 years; brining for at least 6 years. I found a freeze dried brine concoction (add water) at Costco last year that was good enough for a repeat. Family won't eat turkey that hasn't been smoked. Use oak and hickory woods on nearly everything these days.
I always use a brining bag and bucket or tall stock pot for brining.

Were I to deep fry a turkey, peanut oil is only choice.
Problem with deep frying is no drippings to use for gravy.