Henry Homesteader


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I finally got to handle one of these today. Price tag was $819. Neat gun, but gonna have to be in a better caliber to interest me much.


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My Hi-Point carbine is a great 45ACP range toy but even thou its camo colored its still ugly, crude and the trigger pull is very long. Still fun for banging steel plates at the range -- BUT -- a Henry homsteader is a nice looking rifle with a much nicer trigger pull and if available in 45ACP I would be obliged to sell my Hi-Point and pay the extra $ for the Henry.


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It's going on a year since ordering a Homesteader from my LGS. Apparently, Henry is having difficulty filling orders, since the LGS has always filled my orders, promptly. Good luck with Henry adding any other caliber, than 9mm, in the near future. I'm also on Bud's notification list for one that accepts Sig-Sauer/S&W magazines. They do show the one with the standard ten shot Henry mag-well in stock. Homesteaders that take Glock mags are out of stock, as expected.popcorn.gif


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Well, it finally arrived. Picked it up late, yesterday, after over a year's wait. This morning, mounted a Romeo 5 red dot site and a Caldwell brass catcher. This one has the S&W/Sig magazine well adaptor. I don't own any Glocks.

Henry Homesteader with Romeo 5.jpgHenry Homesteader with Caldwell brass catcher..jpg

1st (5) shots of 115 RN CCI Blaser in Henry Homesteader @20 yards..jpg

Very first 5 shots @ 20 yards with CCI Blazer 115 RN factory fodder. Just to see where it was printing! Can't ask for a better first impression. Didn't even have to adjust the sight. Mounted right out of the box, though I did use the low mount. Very nice trigger, no creep. Didn't measure the poundage but very happy with it. Wood ain't half bad bad, either! :D

thumbs up lefty-small - Copy.png This southpaw is enamored with the tang safety, as well as, the reversible charging handle.