I'm a new member.

Thanks again for the warm welcomes. Intheshop, I have not cast for any of my .22 centerfires yet. I have cast for: 45 Colt, .44 Magnum, .357 Magnum, .38 Spec., 30-30 Win, 30-40 Krag, 8mmX57mm Mauser, 7mmX57mm Mauser, 3 .44 caliber BP revolvers and 5 .36 caliber BP revolvers, .45, .50 and .54 BP rifles. I've never tried the .22's, yet.


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Eagle,we have some pretty nice 22 RF's..... so,it sorta didn't sit well back a few years when RF ammo went MIA around here.Went without.Then got the urge'n to save lead which the 22 CB's certainly accomplish.

First up was a skinny brrl 22-250 Savage 110.Didn't get very far researching other than Lee's bator won't hitting on a whole lot?But Lee had come out with a new mould.Heck,I don't even know what the # is on it so,just started calling it," not the bator".

Got on here and asked about how fast you can go.... what's some good powders,general questions.Never heard about thresholds other than having built them from scratch in building construction. Which turned out to be a good thing cause,I found it pretty simple to get 2600+ fps.Heck,I don't even remember what the twist is on that brrl, either 12 or 14?

Bragging groups are all fine and good? but the mission was blowing crows into chunks.A razor sharp metplat @2600 with water dropped 55's is pretty durn effective to say the least,haha. The rig isn't a BR by any stretch.....skinny brrl and sportier stock is good for 5 shots,then starts to wang.But off an X bag,running the rounds up through the mag,it's 1/2" @100 With an occasional flyer.Only cause I don't cull bullets as tight as most.Good snug throat fit and just a smidge of lube.


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Yep, a 12" twist will do that pretty easy . My 8s don't seem to be so cooperative ....
The 222 12" twist will run just over 2600 with an NOE 225-55 @62 gr with a pretty soft water drop alloy .
The 223 8" twist will only go 2050 same box of bullets .
Both shoot under an inch with the respective loads .
They shoot about the same with fmj 55s , the 222 runs out of case and twist and the 223 has too much twist based on reading that says it really shoots better with 62-72 gr jackets .

No real secrets to making them shoot or casting good bullets except that some of the moulds are hard to keep hot .
And now I'm looking at .22 molds, I kind of knew this place would be a bad influence on me! My 22/250 is a 1X12 Shaw barrel and my Rem 7 Predator is a 1X12 also. I really like this forum! Thank Guys!