LabRadar App


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Get the base unit and the bench mount. Great system and you are not at the mercy of other shooters in setup/takedown. Takes a little getting usta for alignment but follow the instructions and you'll get the hang of it. Well worth the money.
I have watched a few video reviews of this unit....some sad sacks say they don't work indoors or in close confines. I have a wooded 50 yd. range that is completely bracketed by close trees. The shooting lane is no more than 5 yds. wide. Will the Labradar units work in such locations?

I realize that a lot of the problems I see seem to be operator problems more than equipment.


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See post #11...................that picture was taken in the Fall/ Winter. Leaves were down. My shooting lane is no wider than 5 yards. Right now its a jungle out there. Unit works fine but there is a learning curve.


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Here is a current picture, taken five minutes ago. I just mowed part the shooting lane, this AM. First 50 yards is in the woods. About 20 yards from my basement shop.


See you hail from SE Michigan..............I lived in Hamtramck, most of my life.
That sure doesn't look like Hamtramck. :)
I'm a bit south of there....Downriver. Have a cabin in Indian River with a range that looks a lot like yours....50 yds. into a large hillside.


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The App works fine except I had to set the phone to not go to sleep. Odd thing is that you can't send any commands to the unit unless it is disarmed. Easy to wait for that to happen.
Made it far easier to start a new string.
Had something new happen. With some of the higher velocity, like 2500 fps, loads the unit looked like it turned off then came back after a few seconds. Likely didn't like the muzzle blast. Might need to make a barrier to prevent issues from that in the future.

Once you get the setup right this is easily the best chronograph I have used. Would be interesting to see something like Waco and his 338 to see how far downrange it can track the bullet. My 357 loads seem to be tracked for 40-60 yards.


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Small world............. For over 40 years, I spent the first three weeks of June, up in Indian River. Stayed at a resort on the west side of Burt Lake, fishing for walleye. Know the area well.