My experiments with PC pistol and rifle bullets


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Had trouble with the Lee sizer leaving little rings of Cu putting on hornady GC so I used a 310 last nite, shake in PC, none fell off. baked on H.P. for an hour, used my coat hanger wire 'handles' to lift ~70 145gr off & set in pink hospital 'tub' of H2O. Worked great. Then resized in 309. Handles are a rectangle with a bent 1/2" dogleg to hold the tray.
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Your HP conduction-bake is pretty unique, not sure anyone else is doing that but by golly it sure works doesn't it?


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Well, your feedback and advice is really helping. Not "perfect", but here is the last batch of PC coating.

Before oven:

After the oven:


Next a single coat of BLL which is always my last step :)

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I used ta take the time to stand them all up.
Some powde will stick pretty bad while others not really at all

i bump mine into a basket. Mostly just single layer. But more ofter n bake. Some minor hickies but nothing that effects anything.

Bullets look great!!

i did these last night shake n bake just dumped into basket n baked. 400 about 17-18 min

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