My Findings; after thoroughly testing PC coatings!


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What I was actually doing there was experimenting with various polymers as a grease thickener, similar to the concept of high-velocity coupling greases developed by Axel Christiernsson. I used high-density and low-density polyethylene as thickeners, and also experimented with polypropylene and further experimented with blending microwax into it as an anti-fouling agent. This wasn't Felix's exact idea, as I was merely replacing metal soaps and wax in traditional lube with the plastic by "plasticizing" the plastic with petroleum oil to make a thick, buttery grease suitable for filling grease grooves. I was able to make some amazing and highly-effective, inert lubricating greases, but as a bullet lube it ended up being a failure, particularly for rifles.


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I’ve been using Smoke’s Clear since I “graduated” from HF Red. It’s so much better as a coating. Goes on thick and even and my bullets look like bullets. I too prefer to avoid the jelly bean look.

That said I really liked the look of that chrome... may try that out.