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Right you are, Bret. But, one nice thing (or bad) about NY is, they leave a lot of power with the county judge as far as policy goes. In my rural county, they give you a pistol permit paper that you can carry on you, so if you see a handgun you like, you can get it immediately. Other counties require you to get the handgun info (serial #, etc.) from the FFL, go to the county building and get the pistol permit paper, then go back to the FFL with it. Also, some counties won't issue you a concealed carry permit, and will specify it's for target shooting or hunting. Totally up to the judge in each county. My county automatically issues a concealed carry permit.

Yup, I'm in St Lawrence Co and out new Judge was elected primarily because of his 2nd Amend stance and his promise to lift the restrictions the former Judge had instituted. Landslide victory and he was a relative unknown.


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I shot it more this AM and need to adjust sites. I keep a drift a d small brass/nylon hammer for just this. But darned if I could move the sights!!! So I will atampt it later on the bench block.

I also found that the trigger guard bites. So as I do and have done to most all my semi pistols... I relieved that area on the trigger guard, to clearance my knuckle.
Much better now!!

This MAX is just a little Lighter then my 42. So weight goes to MAX.

I use a Strike industries +2 mag ext on the G mags and it allows a near glove fit on the pistol. So "feel" goes to the 42.

Size with stock mag/gun is almost identical for height but the max is much shorter Thickness is close enough to be a wash. Advantage MAX.

Mag cap we know, the G42 is 6, the MAX is 10/12. Even with the extension on the 42 its 8/9 compared to the MAX 10/11 - 12/13. Advantage MAX.

Costs is another one and the G42 has a retail near 600$ and the MAX is 450$ Advantage MAX.

Sights are typical Glock style and plastic. A good sight but many/most want steel. The MAX comes from factory with steel and well designed sights. The front is also white outline and has a tritium tube. (Night site) Even with the 42's slight advantage from the longer sight radius the Advantage lies with the MAX.

I like my 42, with its ext its a nice feeling a d shooting pistol I have much confidence in. This MAX is small a true pocket piece and so far 100% reliable and accurate. Ill do a heat to head soon.
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Bias alert--I like Glock pistols. Aesthetically, they leave much to be desired--"Glock" rhymes with "Block" for a reason, that slide shape looks like an eighth-grade metalshop bar folder project. But, they work--and that's the thing. I do like the contoured design of this little Ruger pocket blaster. If it runs as good as it looks, Ruger will sell a zillion of these.

I have made some unkind remarks about the 380 ACP here and elsewhere, most of those based upon the anemic loadings foisted off upon American shooters by American ammo makers. The proliferation of home chronography doomed a lot of ammo company ad copy to the Bullsquat Bin. Most USA-made 380 ACP FMJ 95 grain ammo barely clocks 775-800 FPS from real-world guns. The first and best improvement to domestic 380 ACP ammo might be to load it to its full potential, like European ammo makers do.

That done, decide between some JHP bullet design or the tried-and-true FMJ/RN. From my career experience, the 32 and 380 ACP FMJs penetrate pretty well, and track fairly straight in animated media. Best of all might be an FMJ/TC of 75 grains in 32 ACP and 95 grains in 380 ACP. IME, penetration is a lot more reliable and predictable than is expansion, esp. with bullets hitting recipients at less than 1000 FPS.

380s are authorized by my old shop, and have been since 1994. I don't think any of them have Seen The Elephant, though. If I was to carry a 380 in harm's way, mine would be stoked with RWS/GECO or Fiocchi 95 grain FMJs. I would have a spare magazine with me, as well.


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Thank you for posting the comparison of the LCP Max with your Glock 42. I have been thinking about purchasing either the LCP Max or the Glock. It is nice to hear feedback from people you know on the forum about things rattling around in the back of your head.

I have both an original LCP and the LCP II. The sights improved a lot from the LCP to the LCP II, and now the sights on the Max look to be a quantum leap forward compared to the older LCP versions. I never worried about the sights or the horrible trigger on my LCP, because I always figured it was point blank proposition anyway. But when I picked up the LCP II, the better sights and trigger made it much more fun and much easier to shoot.

I have not handled the LCP Max yet, but I did get a chance to check out Ruger's new Max-9 at a local Academy store. It felt great in my hand and the sights were very nice. The sights appear to be similar to the LCP Max, so I am eager to fondle the new LCP soon.

So I will be looking forward to any new reports or updates on your new LCP Max.

Congratulations on the new pistol. I am glad that you like it so far.


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Very sadly, California is not the only state infected with firearms phobia.

It is my firm belief that the anti-gun laws and regulations are purposely enacted and implemented knowing that lawsuits will be filed, ruled upon, appealed, re-ruled upon, re-appealed, etc., till, many years later, they eventually make their way to the Supreme Court which will most often weasel out of making a decision and punt.


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Enjoyed the comparison video, thanks for posting.

You mentioned in the video that you were using (or just that the pistol was safe with) a max load of 231 behind the Lee 95 grain tumble lube. I shoot the Lee tumble lube 95 grain in my LCP and LCP II as well. And when I double checked my database this morning, I actually bought the NOE 100 grain Ranch Dog tumble lube mold too.

[Post edited to remove Ranch Dog load table for NOE 100 grain Tumble Lube bullet. Max loading levels stated may have been too high]

So now I get to wait for your range trip video. I wish I could go shooting as often as you do!
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It appears slightly heavier loads suggested then the Hornady/Speer Manuals. I have a western manual and its also about same but in 380 only lists there powders and of them All I had was #2. These poswed charges are ao light my UNI flo, X15 and Hornady powder drops dont do well. With My lil dandy 03 is my smallest and I cannot find smaller rotors in stock. So I have been using old school lee scooper and my trickler. I have another adj powder drop I just need find it. It was always great with tiny splashes of powder. IIRC, it only dropped 10g max. So made expressly for small pistol.
This data came from NOE? I wasnt aware he offered these. I have about a dozen of his molds.
YES awesome array if powders!!! I wish he wasnt so buisy. I have a file to add to my Quick loads for all his molds but cannot (not savy in this) install it into QL.


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Loaded 6.2 grains of AA#2 with my Chargemaster, just yesterday. That was for 357 Magnum. Have loaded as low 3 grains before for 9mm. Chargemaster doesn't balk. That powder is as fine as dust. Ball bearing effect, if any gets between the patten and the pan.


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NOE used to have this info on the website, and it was also on Ranch Dog's website too. I just looked at the Ranch Dog website and he has pulled everything down. And I could no longer find any of the load data on NOE's website either.

If I remember correctly, there used to be a sub-forum on the NOE website where people would ask Michael to run data on NOE bullet designs through his Quickload program.

I have never loaded my .380's to what he shows as maximum. I just looked at my personal reloading database and the highest bullseye charge I have used with the 95 grain tumble lube bullet was 3.4 grains, well shy of what is listed in Ranch Dogs table.

And the one and only time I have loaded 231 in 380, I used 3.2 grains which Mike Venturino published in Handloader 266 as a good load and factory duplicate with a 90 grain Lyman round nose.

Perhaps I will edit my post and remove that table. We are always supposed to start low and work slowly and carefully to the maximum charge level. But these may be a little too hot.


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I forgot to ask you, what do you size your 95 grain tumble lube bullets to?

The reason I ask is that I have always sized them to .358 for my LCP and LCP II and they have fed 100%. That is with both Hi-Tek coated and Ben's Liquid Lube bullets.

My wife's uncle has a Glock 42, and he had feeding and chambering issues with the loads with the bullets sized .358. I have a .356 sizing die, but my 380's and 9mm's all feed correctly with the bullets sized to .358 so I have never used it. Is your Glock finicky about bullet sizing?