New to me late 80's Redhawk


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Great news Al, a new wheel gun is always a good thing, can't have enough. Only one Bisley myself, a 7 1/2 inch Colt.


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I've got two S&W 629s with 6" barrels. One of them is scoped.
I load 280 gr. WFN/GC (no HP) with W296 and can get 1-1/2", 5 shot groups at 100 yard with it. Hits like a ton of bricks! I heat treat to 22 BNH.
I think Brad ran some tests and got similar, if not better, accuracy with his .44. I don't remember what he was loading.


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My Bisley Grip Fixation started early in life. My great-grandfather's Colt Bisley x 4-3/4" in 32/20 was the first handgun I fired as a very young hunter--circa 1966. My first shot hit the Coke can at ~20 yards and cartwheeled it into the air. I was HOOKED--por vida, amigos!

I have that Colt in my safe now. Joining it are Ruger BHs in 357 Mag and 45 Colt. The 44 Mag will fit right in. There are some plow-handle single-actions on board, too--a 30 Carbine BH x 7.5" (AKA "The Eardrum Drill") and a Uberti x 4-3/4" x 44/40 WCF. The plow-handle works fine if recoil isn't vigorous.

I have yet to mount glass on any handgun I own. This variant comes with the Ruger rings and proprietary dovetailed rib along the barrel. It might get scoped at some point in its life, but it will get its first firings with Old School OEM open sighting gear. I don't know when Ruger went to hammer-forged barrels. Cut-rifled, button-rifled, or hammer-forged--I can miss very effectively with any kind of barrel.
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