New Year's day meal

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I meant to try black-eyed peas on New Years & forgot! We had French Dip instead.

My years already gone to hell.


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If that is the worst the new year brings then you have it pretty good!
Poor Rick was fed cooked cabbage, his year isn't going much better.


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Poor Rick was fed cooked cabbage, his year isn't going much better.
No chance of that! Not even force fed. Not even in the house while that stuff cooks, stink up the whole house. Rick was not there. Year started off well I would say. :)


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Our house hails from the south .
Ham bones and Blackeye peas in the pot . Cornbread some sort of mixed greens and to celebrate the good fortune and lack of funerals and other significant unwanted out lays of last year we added some far too good a quality for us T bones . It was a fine meal .

Unfortunately it was tainted by a call from X1 telling me her new FIL and old friend of my family had a massive heart attack and isn't likely to recover .
Friends retire while you can even if you're just making appointments to bid jobs these days don't waste any more time than you have too having to be some place every day .
The man gave up everything but a Pepsi a day 30-40 yr ago and stayed on as a second Honcho namesake of his concrete business until last spring .........


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I wasn't a fan of cabbage either, until I married Mrs. smokeywolf. She uses cabbage in 2 or 3 different stirfry dishes that are very good.


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The wife makes up a German sweet/sour purple cabbage dish that is terrific. I like steamed and stir fried cabbage way better than boiled. Actually, now that I think of it I like almost any veggie better when steamed or stir-fried.


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Beef roast in the crock pot, smashed taters with gravy, green beans,
freshly baked corn bread.
Ice cream later.

Happy New Year!

I like black eyed peas, but not much for that "special food" for New Years. Just a
normal good dinner. We eat cabbage several different ways, not bad.

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I love stuffed cabbage rolls.
they would be stuffed grape leaves when I was younger and lived in California with my uncle George.
grape leaves are kind of hard to get in the west so cabbage was substituted.

I"m fine with lamb, beef, or goat as the filling.
I have a wild grape vine that grows all over the one side of the house now I'm wondering if the leaves are edible.


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Are they edible? I don't know but I bet your son in law can run a simple taste test and find out.......


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The local Cafe' is having Prime Rib special tonight (New Years Eve)...something I've never seen them do before and it'd be nice to try.
BUT, we had some freezing rain earlier, but now has turned cooler and snow is a flying, So I'm not crazy about going out tonight, even if it's just 9 blocks away.
>>> Last week, I did buy a package of "special" yard sausage from the local meat market...that just might be what's in my version of Hoppin' John tonight/tomorrow.