New Year's day meal


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"Hopp'in John" Is an old 18th Century American Recipe...right up there with "Bubble & Squeak" I spent 25 good years living 18thc life ( that is why the moniker "Liv18thC".... I have moved into the future as of 2013! but those old days behind me bring me great memories Especially of the foods!
(& oh yes the beverages!)
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North Central Arkansas
Cindy and I made our traditional venison/pork stuffed cabbage, today.:)

Bacon wrapped filet mignon, tomorrow, with baked spud and salad.


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Ham bones in black eyed peas , corn bread and probably some chicken and dumplings tommorow . Hanging out with Moms and Ms game/race day crock pots , drinks , and Domino's though we might play some pinochle later .


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I just had a second meatball sandwich.
probably should have shared a bit more with the dogs.


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I left it up to Mrs. smokeywolf as to what the New Years Eve meal would be. She chose sushi. We'll order from a local sushi joint.

Just bought a beef tenderloin yesterday. For tomorrow, we'll follow John & Cindy's lead.


High Steppes of Eastern Washington
Pork ribs, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and Rhine wine. My mother's side of the family calls me on New Years. It will bring you "luck with money".


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Nothing fancy this year. Just fried up some slices of marinated deer heart. Have been over indulging this holiday season....time to get back to normal!


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I had a root shipped in from Idaho, some fish filets shipped from Alaska, some veggies shipped from California's central valley. Quite tasty, I don't have a traditional new years day dinner.


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We had homemade Fajitas, with all the trimmings, refried beans, black eyed peas for luck and ice cream with honey on it for dessert.


Redlands, Kalifornistan
We usually do pizza and antipasto salad for New Year's Day, and that was the course yesterday. We found a downtown place that employs a bunch of stoners (stoners make the best pizza on earth.....) and Marie ordered it for 5 P.M. pickup. I had their small-size Carnivore Special, Marie had chicken wings, and we split an order of antipasto salad between us. Their idea of "small" is out-sized.......I finished the latter half of the pizza tonight. Chompin' good.


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This year we were at the cabin, nothing special, ham slice fried up a bit, macaroni and cheese,
salad, cornbread. And it was about zero outside, so the fire in the wood stove was really
Neither side of the family ever had a special New Years meal, so we never much even think about
it, just another dinner.