Powder and primers today


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it's a fee if one side institutes it and it's a tax if the other side writes the bill.
either way your paying somebody something to get something done.

we had to pay a road tax in North Dakota just to drive on certain highways at certain times of the year, if you wanted to go around them you got a reservation permit to drive on the dirt.
the rez. permit was cheaper, but you better have someone sitting in front of their building 12hrs. a day until someone shows up, and then you better buy like a hundred of them cause you might not see anyone for another 3 months.
of course by then you don't need the other permit.
but you might need the rez. permit down the road a month or two later.

don't even wanna get started on over weight permits and the rules changing every 300 miles.

Tomme boy

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My friend got stuck on a tow from Florida to Texas. Took almost 3 weeks to get the permits to get through. Back at the beginning of covid.