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Good trip! and a look at Eastern Washington in the spring, green. In three weeks it will be brown and grey and nasty for 48 weeks. No newcomers need apply.


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I'm surprised it's been green as long as it has! Longer than most springs, that's for sure. But you are right, it will brown over soon, and then fire season starts....
Those are some nice chucks!

Good job and congrates!

The grass is getting really tall out in Moxee too.
I have a 1600 acre piece of land I get to shoot all the rats I can and want too but the grass is getting to tall now :(

There are very few places left in Yakima to shoot them but I always seem to find a few to dispatch every year.


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Dang you got an old guy there.
a lot of ours have an orange color to them it matches the color of some of the moss we get on the lava rock.
when I take someone new I just tell them to look for orange beavers cruising through the rocks, or hanging on the side of the rock.
it takes me a minute or two to get them to see some of them when they get in between 2 rocks and just hang there motionless.
sometimes I just have to shoot the hidden ones and send them over to see what they were looking at but couldn't see.


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Came flying in from a parts run this a.m.

There was a Ghog standing proud,in the side yard....maybe 200 yds from the head of the drive.

EDC,7-08 SPS was,as always,behind the seat.I slowed down to make sure....thought about it,naw....will deal with him later,haha.

Last one I shot "in the front yard"....was with a '75 Bear,Super Kodiak recurve.Stuck him right in the head @40 yds.Bloomin broadhead went,mid shaft...hit a bank on the off side and stopped.Dang hog was dead but didn't know it yet?

Not sure what this latest intruder needs?


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I use what's handy.
the pellet rifle at 1200 fps is pretty good if you get within 40 yds and use steel flat tips.
the 25-06 is good if you can only get within 350yds.
the 223 works really well if your under 200 which leaves the bigger 22's or smaller 25s or the 243 in between the 200-300 yd range.


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I'm thinking mini drone know nice chair, adult beverage in one hand ,stick and button in the other..nice clear video screen with exceptional zoom and nite optics capabilities...


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OK,I'll admit to being"old".....well,maybe?

But the only chair needed is at my Tig bench.And considering this morning's $$$ welding....bring it on Mr Ghog.If he gets any closer,I'll ram a 70s3 rod up his arse and lite it off...just sayin.Grounding may be at issue though?