Smith 625 JM info


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mine does too, it shares ammo with the 625.
I worked up a little pop gun load using 165gr rnfp's for the two of them.
I have a feeling that load is gonna come in handy when the G-son gets a bit older.
if he is anything like Ben's G-boy I should probably run-off a 5 gallon bucket of bullets now.
45 Cowboy Special brass works to perfection in the 45 ACP cylinders of my U.S.Ptd.F.A. Colt clone and my Ruger 45 Flatop (Lipseys) I shoot good old reliable 452423, crimped in the crimp groove, over 4.5/Bullseye. Great accuracy and plenty of thump when it hits whatever. The 45 Colt cylinders get almost no use in these revolvers anymore.

I do realize that 45 ACP cases work in these cylinders. However with the 45 CBS brass, I like that the round headspaces on the rim, the bullet can be crimped in the groove and the first driving band slides nicely into the cylinder throat. The 45 Colt cylinder in the U.S.Ptd.F.A. has gosh awful .458 throats, but the ACP cylinder has .453 throats, just right for a .4525 bullet. USFA.jpg


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holy cow 458 in a USFA?
I never measured either of mine, I just used 452's and never had an issue.
I did get some early ones though they are like 300 and 302 [302 and 304 301-303 sumthing right there] on the serial numbers.

now I gotta check the rim thickness and cylinder clearance on my 45 convertible I really prefer to use rimmed cases when I can in a revolver.
Charles does take some nice pics. Him & that other fella that would polish up his bullets and molds so much so that the FBI couldn't prove that mold had ever been used. Was it Dale53? Coarse, ya gotta have nice guns top get nice pics. :)
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Thanks for the kind words. I have a 625-8 JM Special that I consider one of the finest revolvers I have ever owned (and I have owned a BUNCH since about 1949;)). After I had such good luck with mine, several of my fellow club members also bought one. Everyone I have shot has been equal to mine. I mostly use .45 Auto Rim (Starline) cases for general range use. However, having a generous supply of older military cases in .45 ACP has also seen a lot of those used without issue. The only thing I did to my JM Special is to change grips to my preferred Pachmayrs (I have rather large hands), and put a JM matched spring kit in the revolver. I set my double action to my preferred 9.0 lbs. pull and the single action to 3.0 lbs. MY revolves are set up to use any standard large pistol primer without issue. Further, I often hunted in cold weather and I had no desire for an accidental discharge using too light a trigger with cold numbed fingers.

MY most used load is 4.0 grs. of Bullseye (or equivalent) behind a Mihec home cast H&G #68 flat base bullet cast of WW's + 2% tin. My revolver will group in under 1" at 25 yards on demand.

I also, shortly after getting the 4" JM Special decided to find a 5". The very next time I attended the OGCA Gun Show, I found exactly ONE. It was an estate sale 625-6 Model of 1989. It shoots as well as my JM. I set it up exactly like my JM. That fine revolver currently resides with my youngest son who shoots it quite well, thank you!;)

I have also shot these both fine revolvers with the NOE version of the Lyman 452424 (250 gr. SWC). Using a Elmer Keith reccommended load of Unique, I get just over 900 fps and that should handle a hog or large Whitetail deer at reasonable ranges without issue.

I would NOT hesitate to buy a new 625-8 JM Special. Remember, you only hear about the less than perfect ones - you never hear about all of the thousands of really good revolvers turned out. Further, S&W has an excellent reputation for their warranty work.

Standing at 25 yards (with witnesses)...

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Thank you. I have had occasion to measure the throats of my felliw club members revolvers as well as my two. All of them seem to be uniform .452”. Now, I haven’t benched my friends revolvers, but I have shot them and they seem to all be top drawer.

I have stated it before, but I’ll say it again, these two 625’s of mine are two of the most satisfying revolvers I have owned. I have been exceedingly fortunate over the years and have owned some VERY nice revolvers (and still do)...



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OK, Dale....I just posted what I now see is an entirely unnecessary thread
asking about throat diameters on recent 625s.

I had not seen your last post, and did not notice the model of the revolver
that you shot the impressive group with.

I have my answer!