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We got our reminder of the season today. After about two weeks in the 40s & 50s we woke up to snow on the ground this morning. 2-3 inches was predicted, and we seem to have gotten around 3 times that. However, it has stopped snowing, and it's time for some soul food, chili, cornbread muffins & coffee. The three major food groups. Let it snow...


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We finally got some snow (2-3") last evening & today. Been light snow so far this year in Ohio.


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We got a good 6” of heart attack. That heavy wet stuff is miserable to move
Snow? Mother nature asked the other day if I would like some, she said she had some to spread around. I told her no thanks but Brad likes the stuff. :rofl:


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I have never lived or worked anywhere that snow stayed piled up for any time. You have to drive to it if your needs run in that direction. And Californians LOVE to drive to it. They have no clue about how to drive safely in snow, or in any other road conditions for that matter. I opt out of scenarios of that sort. I had 5 years of working in snow at one of my shop's patrol stations, and the best idea was to STAY OFF THE FREEWAYS. California drivers on freeways in snowy conditions is a recipe for disaster--a mosh pit slam dance conducted with Nissans and Toyotas.


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Brad - LMOA! 6" of heart attack! And, that you can't afford your wife! Priceless!

CZ - you think CALIs cant drive in snow?!?! HELL - you should see the ID10Ts in AL when it dusts!!! It's better than a demolition derby!!! at least as long as you are a casual observer and not an unwilling participant!!!

Free - YES it does! Espec HERE in N AL!

462 - You must be WAY further South than me (N AL)! We get something resembling snow prob every 3-5 yrs.

and last but not least. IF we were where rain was snow this time of year, you wouldn't see r hear from Ben or I until at least May!! We would be buried under about 10-12 feet of snow (based on our rainfall and 1" of rain = 10" of snow!). Heck - been a 6-8 hr period we would have had 30"+ of snow!!!


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Probably a bit North of you, but on the California coast.

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I complain about snow a lot as I grow older, but I honestly can't imagine life without it. Shoveling snow is a pain, but all snow really means around here is remind us to dress warmly, and that occasional days off will be strictly enforced at times. Oh yeah, and that 4WD trucks are often worth the extra gas you spend throughout the year, just so you can pretend that even heavy snow in inconsequential. Besides, if it's going to be cold and brown outside anyway, we may as well cover it over with snow and make it pretty.

I made a really large batch of chili, and it is definitely true that chilis even better every time its reheated.


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Used the JD 425 to blade off 8-10" of heavy snow today. About 50 ft by 40 ft parking pad takes a bit,
have to move the F150 half way thru. Even my snow blower, a pretty heavy duty one, can't throw the snow
far enough to get it off of the pad, so had to get the blade for the tractor.



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"eh... ok. then that doesn't count! lol!"

Yeah, if we could'a taken our weather with us, we'd'a moved some 25 years ago.

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Here in Florida we will stick with hurricane's :)
My older brother & sister live in Orlando. My sister complains incessantly about the heat, the humidity, the bugs, the snakes, and the stupid little lizards that seem to be everywhere. Oh yeah, she also mentions the fact that they don't have any seasons in her area. Well, there are two seasons, she says. There's the hot, humid "green" season, and the hot, humid "brown" season. She does agree that the hurricanes aren't anywhere near the issue the northerners make them out to be. Her take on it is that The Weather Channel, the TV Networks, the CDC, and the Feral Government use such situations to protect their phoney-baloney jobs. They keep us all safe, dontcha know, we need them! Stay tuned to this channel for further developments. :)


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I.m the odd man out then, because I love snow! Once it snows and freezes I can go most anywhere on a snowmobile, that I would have canoe only access in the warm months. Bidding four flowages now for beaver contracts. Total of 93 beaver dams visible on Google earth. Probably 50% more as the water recedes as we open the dams and old dams appear. Rough guess of around 200 beaver to catch first. Let it snow, no prettier beaver than in February under ice!!