so waht ya doin today?


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I take part in a what did you do today thread on another site, we just passed 6 years on the one thread and it's kind of cool to go back and see what you done on a Tuesday 5 years ago.
it's also been amazing to see the up's and downs of peoples jobs, their losses, and gains over time.
so thought I would start one here.
just a few lines about work, shooting, fishing, seeing the kids, visiting Mom, kicked the cat,, whatever.

i'll start off.
went out fishing yesterday for a couple of hours and got a couple of decent trout.
one was a nice fat 17" fish that fought like it was 4 lbs or so, it jumped 3 times and just about got tangled in the brush that's flooded along the shoreline but I wore it down and got it in.
I kept it and a little 14" one the dog assisted me in getting.
I brought them home and brined them up for the yard sale smoker the wife bought for a dollar and I fixed up last week.
now I have never smoked anything [well food wise anyway] never seen it done, and I got no instructions.
so hopefully 18 grs in the weak brine wasn't too long and I'm hoping 6-7 hrs in the smoke is long enough.
I guess we'll see.

S Mac

Sept. 10, 2021 Steve left us. You are missed.
Another day in Paradise here, working on diesel pickups, wiping sweat. Hay season so usually busy at home with that "after work".Got a small acreage, put some of my hay up loose, little bit at a time.


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let's see; today is the day after yesterday and it was not too fun. Took mother-in-law aged 89 (acts like a spoiled 4yo) out for Mother's day dinner. Hour and forty five minutes till she was ready to go (her smoke time after her dinner). Then a hundred mile drive back home. But it did make the wife happy I was so nice. Mowing grass today and doing yard work, watch the Mariners play baseball tonight. Tomorrow, the day after today, a guy I just meet on the internet is coming over to play guns and maybe buy one I don't want anymore. Retirement is so busy I will never be bored!


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Re-heat treating some 145gr PB PCd for the BO. Drop into ice water and then the freezer. We'll see how they do. Too hot to shoot today. Loaded vmax & sst for the BO yesterday. Lots of honeydoos today & tomorrow.

Roger Allen

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Court so we can home school our girl. Father doesn’t want her home schooled. Other than that I think I found a 35 remington to play w. I’m hoping he will hold onto it for me for one more day so I can pick it up.


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Busy time of the year at work. 55 hour weeks. Trying to get caught up on outdoor chores. Not a lot of time to be a keyboard commando!:cool:
I did take the wife and dogs camping in the high desert for the holiday weekend. Good times.


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Damn Walter, 55 hour weeks? No thank you. Can't they do that in the winter when it isn't prime shooting weather?


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I don't see a problem with 55 hour weeks, in fact when I was working 55 hours would have been a welcome break. Normal 5 day work week often went 80-90 hours, on occasion more. 55 hours would have been a part time job for me. On top of the job I cast, loaded, ran two gun clubs and traveled the western states to shoot matches. Dang Walter, with that much free time you should be getting plenty of shooting in.


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Wrote the code yesterday to do one side of a part on the CNC mill. Designed a lathe fixture to hold the part to do the other side, then wrote a mill program to machine the fixture and then another program to machine the part in the CNC lathe. Doing everything I can to keep the apprentice gainfully employed! Got a big batch of parts coming Monday, need to clear things out and be ready. Got two more jobs in the queue that need both fixture design and CNC coding to get ready for production. I'll let my brain chew on things in the background while I sleep tonight.


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Best not let Rick talk to your boss.
The most exciting thing I did today was to separate five gallons of wheel weights I got yesterday. Ended up with almost three gallons.


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Was so bad at times that in the wee hours of the morning when I finally got off work after about 18+ hours and I turned down the street I lived on and see a car coming the other way, as it passes and I look over at the driver and see that it's me going to work.


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I think my neighbors caught on to the fact I didn't care what time of day it was, if I had stuff to do I just done it.
I'm pretty positive they decided to move when I was out there cutting studs to frame in the garage at 3:30 am.
they called it the middle of the night, I called it 1/2 hour late for the day shift.
I was just finishing painting the out side when he come out for work, and the inside was done by noon with a fan running in the window when his wife come out to take their kid to kindergarten.


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Tuesday and today I worked 7-7.Monday I sat in 100 degree heat for 3 hours and did my first real shooting with my 8x57,100 rounds and found a few promising loads.I got a new mold and it appears to be not exactly dropping the diameters right.I will play with that more on the weekend.


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Rick worked a lot more hours than I did, but I remember working 68 to 76 hour weeks (+ 16 hrs./wk commute time) when we were shooting "Red Dawn", "2010", "Last Starfighter", "Ice Pirates" and a few others..

Last few days:
Haul the older of the two boys to Sacramento (750 mi. round trip)
Younger of the two boys; two trips to the doc for upper respiratory tract infection.
Trip to vet for more pain meds for Timber's bone cancer.


At the casting bench in the sky. RIP Bret.
Put a hydraulic pump back in a JD 420 crawler, rewired half of it and finally got the elbow for the air cleaner on. Buttoned it up for now. Did regular farm chores, scraped in a bunch of winter ruts with the back blade. Determined I'm going to have to make my youngest daughter a screen door so she can keep her stupid cat in her room and still get some air flow (can't locate a 2-4x6-8 factory door locally at a decent price). Did a mess of stuff for the Town Board job. Ran out of 7/16x1" and 1.5" bolts so ran to town to get them. Rigged a shade over one livestock guardian dogs kennel pending my building the buck pen for him and his soon to be pals to live in. Did a bunch of other stuff I can't even recall, took kids for ice cream, more chores...