so waht ya doin today?


St Lawrence river valley, NY
Took the youngest boy to the sand pit to try and instill the concept of group shooting. He's got a decent 10-22 with a fair trigger that I think wants to shoot. I got him a Simmons 4x scope and to my eye, after trying various glasses, it's blurry and not much of a scope. I couldn't find anything better at the time. I tried shooting for groups but I REALLY have to get some glasses that will allow me to see what I'm doing. Readers seem to help more than my so called "distance" lens in the bifocals. Personally, I think my eye doc is a coke hound or something and I may try a different outfit. Anyway, Gord was shooting at 50ish feet and we took things from 4"+ groups down to a 1-1.5" core group, 10 rounds, with 4-6 fliers every time. I tried to talk him through just holding for a group and trigger squeeze, sight alignment, etc. Kinda hard for a kid like him to grasp it all the first time. His core groups got smaller as he shot, so practice helps, I just don't know what the gun is capable of. I may get out the 52 Winchester with the 6x Lyman Jr Targetspot and let him try that to get his confidence level up, but I need a much better bench to shoot from than a tractor hood! Sadly, the culvert that allows me access to the other side of my "range" washed out and we can't get out more than 40 yards or so. But we had a good time and I certainly found out I'm blinder than I thought. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?!


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Bret, how old is he?

Eyesight is what brought my shooting pretty much to a halt. Sure takes the fun out of it when instead of trying to do well all your doing is trying to see something. :(


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Had an older Simmon's 44 Mag rimfire on my 10-22 for many years. Was a pretty good scope, IMO. Recently, replaced it with a Weaver 2 x 7 variable RF, that I removed from a Winchester 9422. Still using that Simmon's, for load development on my 9mm Carbine. The 9422 got a Leupold RF, upgrade.


St Lawrence river valley, NY
Bret, I have a couple of older Tasco 4X I picked up on trades years ago. Not too bad a scope and probably better than what you have. I will never use them, if you want one I can drop it in the mail for the boy.

Very kind of you Chris. I will keep it in mind. I actually just found another scope I'd forgotten I had just a few minutes ago. I'm gonna have Gord take a look through both and see which one he thinks is better clarity.


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Painting the hotrod mowing deck in spring like weather dreaming of mowing grass. Takes an upside down presto elect griddle set on 350 to cover.... the worn to the bone sized spot that the plastic belt cvrs $$'up. Because dirt and grit are "floating" in that area.... then get sucked up under these big cvrs. So it was heat cured primer yesterday, catalyzed white cheap enamel today,colour tomorrow. Need a second griddle off flea bay but they've tripled in price? I'll find a broken one cheap. Float them above the surface.... don't care what finish chemistry, set the speed dial and adj height.

Sposed to be 65 today,need to fire up the weedwacker to get the sound of spring in the air.


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Been busy as I have ever wanted to be the last few weeks - too many deadlines on jobs, fighting with the City to get my building going, and of course the normal holiday cluster flop on shopping and shipping. Think I finally have things going my way. Stayed up until 2 am getting together my first day material for a class I'm teaching for my old employer. Starting tonight I will be teaching a Junior level class in servo and non-servo hydraulics. Taught the class 27 times in 24 years so it's not like it's totally new material. They did buy new trainers to replace the old Sperry Vickers units, but except for having smaller components they are pretty much the same.

My boss is an old friend and when they hired my he promised to get me the top pay rate - the one they normally use for PhDs, which I am not. He was as good as his word, personally intervening when HR tried to pay me at a lower rate.

I am looking forward to teaching again, my last semester back in Fall 2014 was incomplete, that's when I had my amputation and I had to quit at midterm. I want to finish this one, maybe get a little closure. I really do enjoy the teaching process and now without having any management responsibilities it will be like being a grandparent - I can crank up the kids on an intellectual sugar high and then give them back to their regular teachers to deal with...

They first material we will cover is about the basic static properties of fluids. I plan to use my prosthetic as an example of many of those properties. I think this will help the students - and me - deal with the initial awkwardness many people feel when working around people with disabilities.

I hope I'm up to the physical challenge, the class runs from 6 pm to 8:30 two nights a week, so I plan to take it relatively easy during the day to be sure I have the energy to make it until 8:30 at night. I got permission for my apprentice to audit the lab part of the class, so he can help me out there.

More tomorrow.


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that sounds like a good class to take.
I dealt with hydraulic Vickers valves pretty frequently out in the field, they are tough little units with a good track record of not really having any problems as long as you could get the fluid to flow.
pretty much a non issue until you got below about minus 20.


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well I made it in the reloading room today.
I was gonna start working on some brass Ian sent me like 12-13 years back figuring out how to trim it for the rifle I have using the tools I have to speed up the process if possible.
I made it all the way to the part where I had to move a box of brass, I moved it over by another box of brass and made the mistake of hitting my shooting bag which jingled like brass.
oh yeah there's some brass out in the garage, and I think a mixed box downstairs too... oh btw,, yeah,,,, there's some on the bottom of that shelf over there too.
so 5 hours later I went back upstairs and turned the light off in the reloading room and got washed up for dinner.
where did I get all this stuff? there's 50 pieces of this or 100+ for gun's I don't even own, never did own, probably never will own.
if I picked it up the range here it'd be 25 plus years worth of picking up a piece here and there.


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A couple hours of work then I cleaned the lathe, part way. Got caught up changing oil on the mill and cleaning the filter on the shop vac.
I did find time to cast a few hundred 158 swc for 38 special.


Springfield, Oregon
I did find time to cast a few hundred 158 swc for 38 special.
I was just telling my brother we have been spending too much time with long range videos. I want to do a K-38 vid.
Old school wadcutter stuff. Someone might watch that? right?...