so waht ya doin today?


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they were probably using old 45 colt or schofield tooling on the throats.
make e'm cheap and pile e'm deep for the dot gov contracts.

I think I done pretty much nothing today, didn't even bother to fix the hose with the hole in it.
tied up a couple of plants in an attempt at getting them to go up instead of out, and clipped off a bunch of male flowers to try and stimulate vine growth.
I guess we'll see.


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Sounds like you needed a break anyway. Part of the problem with being retired is you can forget when your days off are.

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Rain off and on last night a pretty much all day. Never amounted to much accumulation, but too wet to take a gun out. Worked on meals for this weekend's shoot. Chile Verde took quite a long time to prep. Made a black refried bean dip this morning. More string trimming, some chain sawing, all in the rain. Fixed an old garage over head door so I could get a canoe out of the building in case we need to shoot from inside, more rain forecast for Friday and Saturday. My very first shooter called to say he will arrive tomorrow morning already. Let the fun commence. Big fish fry Saturday evening for the whole gang and a bunch of the neighbors. Busy, busy, busy!

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Sounds like you're gonna have a lot of fun and good eats when the time comes.
It is strictly a cast bullet shoot, not a lot of rules. ten 4", 6", and 8" discs at 80 yards, ten regulation chickens at 160 yards, and 20 buffalos at 210 yards. Some of us will shoot it off hand, some standing with a single upright post to lean on, some will sit and use cross sticks. More 30 calibers than anything but, I know a .357 Herrett Contender is coming, and a .458 on a Mauser action with Redfield Olympic sights.


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Ian said: "Part of the problem with being retired is you can forget when your days off are."

Took me a good six months before I realized that not doing something did not make for a wasted day, and that I wasn't being unproductive and lazy. Still, there are days when all the chores are done and I start pacing about looking for something to do.


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well,,, I did put the string trimmer together.

I dunno how I just let the whole day slip by like that.
I did watch a cheesy sci-fi flick made in japan in like 1960 or 62. [Gamorah,,, or Gamara I think it was called]
it was about a planet [small red sun?] on a collision course with the earth and they built some super rocket thrusters on the Antarctic continent to move the earth off course.
pretty cheesy plot, the acting wasn't too bad, the writing not too bad.
but the model work and filming of the model work was outstanding.
they even had little sparks coming off the beams they were supposed to be welding on when building the rocket structures.
only one or two shots made it look super obvious some of the equipment was on a track or that they were low budget filler pieces.
some of the outer space stuff was off as far as scale and they were pretty good at ignoring physics but you couldn't see the fishing line... LOL.


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Today I was an engineer , electrician , plumber and butcher .
Appearently the Wardens and Scott co SO are good with you eating car hit deer with busted hips that bleed out in the front yard .


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I see a Lyman 577611 and what looks like the Lyman 577213 with a flat top base plug, I believe RCBS makes a mould like that now.
I shot many thousand round with a similar mould. I had a guy make a new base plug for the RCBS mini mould. Shot lights out in my 2 band PH Enfield with 50 gr of Ffg.
One looks like an RCBS 45 cal mini.