Testing lead alloy using art pencils


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Yes it is simple and fairly accurate, but let's give credit where credit is due. Waco's technique was developed or perhaps refined by the late paint chemist, Ken Mollohan (Molly on the Boolits site). Btw, Ken was one of the founders of the Cast Bullet Association. who, for some reason posted more on the Boolits site than on the CBA Forum.
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Ken told me why he posted at Boolits more than the CBA forum in one of the many PM exchanges we had.
I don't want to open a big can of worms but it had to do with a couple of personalities.
35 Whelen I can't thank you enough. It took me 5 minutes to craft that stand from a 5 cent water bottle and I was reading the dimple like a pro. All I need now is a good light source gizmo. I too want to know how the art pencils compare to the Lee 20x microscope but in the long run, knowing anything is much better than knowing nothing and that is where I was for years.