Testing lead alloy using art pencils


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Count me among those that did not know this. I have the Lee hardness tester and am working on a stand for it as I have a hard time holding it steady enough to get an accurate measurement. What I like about the Lee is it has an accompanying chart to show how much pressure the alloy can handle. It allows me to load it accordingly and before I had that information, I was just guessing.

I have an art supply store nearby and plan to acquire those pencils. Much quicker than the Lee or others. Most of my alloy is just a guess as I scrounge for material and that simple pencil test is akin to magnet testing steel alloys. Just dandy.

BTW, how does one subscribe to a channel? On youtube itself or another way.
I made a quick stand for my lee microscope by drilling a hole in the cap of a clear juice bottle that the mic fit tightly in. Then I cut the jug down to get the right height above the lead. Cut one side a bit higher so you can slide the lead under the mic.
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