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Saw that on several You Tubes.... Wonder what happens when it reaches 36 ?
But when we return to the US of A we can drive all the way from Florida to Arizona smiling.


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We are getting all the rain that never fell in January and February. Everything is Green again. The roads are flowing like rivers. And going to pieces !


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Didn't know where else to put this.

We now have 28 Constitutional Carry states. Y'all can web search further info so that I don't get into trouble touching on politics.
South Carolina just became the second state in 2 or 3 days to sign into state law, "Constitutional Carry". That makes 29 states.

Brad and mods: If this is bending the rules too much, delete it. Couldn't help myself. I'm jubilant!
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L Ross

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gonna be a blood bath...
:rofl:Just like when they approved handguns for deer hunting in Wisconsin. The usual suspects predicted gun battles in Northwoods Saloons between drunken deer hunters. Then the dove season, the usual suspects decried evil men shooting the symbol of peace off power lines with their .30-06s. I kid you not, that was a quote from a Madison Euphorian on TV. Then, gasp, concealed carry was proposed and approved and you'd have thought the world was going to end. Nothing happened, nothing, zip, nada.
So predictable.


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they've been trying to push CC for teachers to carry in the schools here through the legislators.
it passed the state congress quickly, but i haven't heard anything about it since it got sent over to the Senate.

they can already do it with the approval of their school board, but that seems to be a no go in most all of the districts.


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What part of "Defend the defenseless" do they not understand ?
I would be visiting the school board meetings and taking names.


California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
I hope that the SOB who originally came up with this idea for daylight savings time, has to spend eternity somewhere in Dante's eighth circle of Hell.
As well as Congress, which continues to do nothing about it.

Interestingly enough, not too many years ago, Californians approved a proposition that would keep the state on either Standard or Daylight Savings Time, but Sacramento has failed to act on it.


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Well you can try Peru... We never change time.
They tried it once 20 or so years ago. What a fiasco ! And the guberment offices were the worst of all. Gave it all up after two weeks.


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Most of Arizona stays on Mountain Standard Time. Navajo and Hopi Nations go to MDT. Better for us to have the daylight in the cooler morning. There are rumblings in congress to standardize daylight time, I hope gridlock prevails on this.