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i leave most of my clocks on DST all year.
it sucks when the time change comes right in the middle of hunting season.

L Ross

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Just pick time system or the other, then leave it alone. I'd side with the Navajos and have a ceremony and tell them we finally saw the wisdom of their way. Even the Woke personages would get behind that, they'd be afraid not to.


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Supposedly, 29 states are considering legislation on time change. However, typically nothing gets accomplished.


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My Casio changes the time itself. It checks with station wwv at 2 am every day and sets to the exact second. It has never been a second off.


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They've been rumbling about that off and on for years.
As usual, they talk the talk, but they never walk the walk.

Personally, I would like to see DST done away with.
Just stay on standard time year round.
No, stay on DST so I can have an hour more daylight to shoot after work.


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No.2 son "Mr. Engineer" was calculating square and cube roots at 4 years old. At 9 or 10 he had memorized Pi out to 50-something places past the decimal.
Today, he has memorized his driver's lic. number, SSN, his employee number, several pin #s and his credit card numbers.

Little showoff!

Son No.3, working toward teaching high school literature and science can name all the teeth, nearly every bone in the human body, plus, all the organs, and many of the glands, arteries and nerves. I used to teach him Latin words and phrases, now he teaches me.