Whoopy cushions


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The good news,gotta take wifey to a baby shower... Gbaby.

With all due respect to Emily Post?... I didn't know that the men folk are on the uninvited list.So,my son is like,"you wanna go hunting?".Well yeah... what kind of question is that?

Grabbing my hot rod longbow which could/should be a really nice CB rig... and Badlands daypack,it occurred that the foamage heat seat is very ghetto like hanging on the pack.Ya'll know the type,looks more like a dang hillbilly archery target than something to sit/deal with.

So,is there a butt pad(mainly ground hunting but,if someone helped me get up in a stand,maybe a cup of hot chocolate....well)... that folds,crushes or somehow goes INSIDE pack instead of hanging on the outside?
I suppose you might have an old pair of polyester pants hanging in the back of the closet you could cut up. Cut the legs off long enough that you can fold them over at the top and sew shut. Sew them together along the inseam and stuff with styro peanuts and sew the cuff shut. Light, folds in half at least, synthetic so would dry quick. Might make the wife happy to finally see something get removed from the closet.


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Good one Dusty...

I'm sitting here waiting on the poo(wifey).. and up in the rafters is some 1/4" thick black,foam rubber.Now,the boys can call me Martha Stewart all they want but... anything beats the aforementioned clangy stupidchit pad hanging off my pack.I've taken your suggestion under advisement,haha.But am gonna risk life N limb climbing up there for a pce of that foam.Gotta start somewhere?


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Black foam has been rescued,now resting in/on the strapped clicky thingys Badlands' supplies on their backpacks.OK,I'm officially Martha but dang,anything is better than that stupid heat seat.I feel like a cool kid,yeehaw.


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I was donna suggest some glued in place Velcro so you could fold it up against the pack.

it's funny how as we get older style doesn't count for much and function takes over.
I hauled one of our old aluminum lawn chairs in where we back pack camp last year, when the kids got to camp I was chillin out in it by the fire.
they gave me a bit of ribbing but I could tell they were wishing they had brought something like it too.
I hauled it up on the saddle I watched each morning and sat in it under a little tree and was fairly comfortable for once.
the cup holder I pop riveted to the arm held my bottle of breakfast just fine too.
I need to find another cup holder, or fix the one that's there, but that chair is the same one I sit in during the dove hunt too.


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A bean can makes a fine cup holder. How many new bottoms have you woven in that chair frame? Young people haven't figured out yet that as they age, the ground gets farther and farther away, not to mention those young knees and backs that they take for granted...


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it's on it's second one.
I have a roll or two of the webbing still but don't hesitate to weave some rope around a frame I like.

I broke the bottom leg of one other chair last summer at my spot down at the lake here so I rigged it up with some water pipe and staked it in place permanently.
I figure I can get next summer out of it then I will wrap it with some rope.
I went ahead and pounded a pole holder in place while I was there.
I'm sure it gets some looks from anyone that walks down in that spot but I bet it don't get stolen.
I will snag up those old aluminum chairs any chance I get.


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yeah, my dove hunting outfit was me sitting in front of a sagebrush in a chair with a camo hat on.
if I felt like trying to hide I would wear some grey or black pants and a grey shirt.
it's all about not moving until it's time to shoot.


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Fiver,we used to get junkyard sports car seats and put them up in big platform stands.Cover them with big garbage bags when not in use... doh.

Gotta say,over at one of the boys,fancy houses.Freezing.They have a heat pump HVAC.About useless.

But,the boy came through.... he got up early,made a pot of peculator"jet fuel"...err,coffee.Fired up their little woodstove and had a blanket for me draped over an official Archie Bunker chair right in front.... then goes back to bed?

Speaking of chairs.... back when I had a range at the parents house.Snagged a AB chair from somewhere? and built a nice shoot shack.Concrete shooting bench.Wood stove and,"the chair".Even when I wasn't around,dad would go down there,build a fire.... take a Zane Grey novel and a bag of candy.Partly to get away from mom,haha.

Brother,sister and I would buy him books N candy for whatever occasion? But,couldn't let mom know cause he'd head for the shack.My boys are sorta following suit,now it's,"wanna go hunt?"Wifey is easy though,as long as I'm with them,what can go wrong?


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The 1/4" rubber works fine.It rolls up and can go inside pack or strapped in the clicky thing on outside.Way less "floppy" than the hot seat pad.Deploys faster than it takes to write about.Also serves as a decent field front rest.And as a "wrap" for action/scope if it needs be.

Waiting on snow today for some woods bumming,predator hunting.Been bow hunting so the CB varmint blasters have been getting lonely?First up to bat(confirming zero) was SS SPS700,1-4X20 Leupold,parallax set to 75yds.7-08,Lee mould.No foulers,rack it and shoot.1" sq target dot @50 yds.,shot off backpack.Cut the top edge dead center.... right where it's sposed to be,done.

Next was X7 308,Lyman 311041.3.5-10X50 Simmons,parallax set @100.Hit 1/2" at 9:00 from the bullet hole aiming point @100 off bipod.Done,no foulers.


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Snow camo short story,haha.

Golly,10+? years ago about time eBay had gotten traction.... the youngest and I were hunting together.We get on fleabay looking for CHEAP hunting duds.Find this surplus Swiss army,white enough jacket for under 10$ or so,to the door.Buy it.When it arrives it isn't one jacket... it's FIVE.

We gave 3 away as Christmas presents,kept two.Beautiful jackets,well constructed,layered and vented.It's now rolled up and clicked on pack.Even found some white'ish gloves.Come on snow!


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my white camo is surplus coat liners for the meat lockers.
they are about knee length and have a little hood.
I sprayed some black and grey spots on mine so it merged with rocks, mud spots, and in the bushes better.


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White camo is amazing at making you dissappear. I have learned to wear an orange glove or hat as people have odd reactions to having you come out of nowhere. Scary, actually.


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Started dumping about 1/2 hour ago.Just got back in.Took my bow looking for deer.Will take CB rigs hopefully tomorrow,predator hunting.

Stalked to within about 50 yds of a small group of does before....... Busted!Haha.They're pretty spooky so,feels good getting that close?Fun though.


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Oh my goodness!
One of the boys was sposed to come home to hunt this weekend,didn't want to face the traffic.Sends me a link...

Ticked off Vic,bread and milk.... on utube.


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Snow camo worked well enough for the gang of Turkeys.

Being hardlined about predator hunting,the Turkeys weren't on the docket.They were out enjoying the beautiful Virginia mnt snow,along with yours truly.Hunting a river bttm in snow,felt wonderful to be a part of nature!

Took two rigs along in the Aston Martin.Fumble farted maybe 10 minutes decided which rig.Chose the shorter range 7-08..... but,swapped the X7 bipod on it.That took a cpl minutes.Then jerking around with pack trying for weather proofing added another cpl minutes.

Kept the scope dry,along with myself.Both still needs a bit of fine tuning.Gonna do the bicycle inner tube hillbilly scope cover suggested in the hunting in the rain thread though.Had a marvelous time hunting,sitting with my peeps,down on the snowy river.


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some cheapo see through scope caps works well enough for good shots out to 50yds or so even when they are closed.
I like the ones with a yellow lens so you remember they are on the rifle.


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I caved.... hey,it's only money?53572 Leupold cover is made for the shorty 1-4x20 scopes.Comes with free advertising as it's got their name printed on it.Heck,trading some junk parts got the scope and the rifle was "tip" money so a cpl bucks for the logo'd cover seems OK,haha.

Got it off fleabay.BW