Whoopy cushions


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The good news,gotta take wifey to a baby shower... Gbaby.

With all due respect to Emily Post?... I didn't know that the men folk are on the uninvited list.So,my son is like,"you wanna go hunting?".Well yeah... what kind of question is that?

Grabbing my hot rod longbow which could/should be a really nice CB rig... and Badlands daypack,it occurred that the foamage heat seat is very ghetto like hanging on the pack.Ya'll know the type,looks more like a dang hillbilly archery target than something to sit/deal with.

So,is there a butt pad(mainly ground hunting but,if someone helped me get up in a stand,maybe a cup of hot chocolate....well)... that folds,crushes or somehow goes INSIDE pack instead of hanging on the outside?
I was late to the party, but one of these should do the job. Bring a spare. You did say something that goes inside, right?

Rally Hess

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Might look into buying a sheep hide that has been sheared to half depth. Even wet, they are warm to sit on and quite quiet also, but not cheap. Also in the spring the box stores are all selling kneeling pads in the garden supplies, in various sizes. Most are just 1" dense foam in various shapes.


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Rally,I use a kneeling pad under the right elbow when using the heavy bench,rests and bags.I'll throw it in the pack next time,all the shooting related,"stuff" is stored right there together.Thanks for the brain jog!