Any one shooting 350 Legend?


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Back to topic... Next up; Lyman 358430 & AA1680


Used pounds of this under a 180 in the maximum 26.5g @ a time. Should be as good here in the legend.
QL says im safe to nearly 27g (under 55K) but the fill is about 105%. History with 1680 says it dosent Like to compress very much at all. Not with pressure issues. But rather physically compressing it. Usually it will bulge a case or push a bullet back out.


Ill start down about 24g. But Im not too worried about pressures. Experience here tells me Ill Likely never get enough in the case to go that far.

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Residing in New England
How about Faxon Barrels??

They make a 20" in a nice light contour.

This barrel is longer then I want. But to have a truly 50 state gun might need remove the threading...
This barrel appears to be exactly my wants for weight.
I can choose my barrel dia at the GP!
It has 12x28 thread.
Its 1:16 wasnt my first want. But now that I see my 270's kicked with 8g still dont boom and stabilize fine for accuracy. Tumble inside game is a plus not neg. I think 1:16 will be fine for me and looks like a bunch easier to find.

Now if Venom Defense in Michigan would ship me, my upper I ordered back in JUNE... Ill order a Faxon Bbl!!

I have some time, but the season is coming!!!



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Id like to be able to shoot this one too! But its dia is such that it causes deep seating. My Maxi loves it, it has a more generous throat.


Its a .360-190 WFN. Its a 6cav LEE block with no markings. (Old group buy??)

I like the profile and meplat as a hunting Bullet, but its Shown limited use age. MAYBE i can olay with nose sizing. But thats proven a challenge.



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is that green one showing how deep it's engraving in the 350?
I'm no help on faxon or wing or whatever, I just find it some hard to believe all these different companies are making their own barrels.


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The marks on the Bullet are from the 4500 sizer I was using to set GC then. (Old pic).

But you can see how it carries full dia far out the "nose".



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What does this mean ?
NOE has bushing sizers that will facilitate a person to size the nose of a bullet.


AA1680 has been treating me proud with a 180 SSP in my 357 Maxi carbines. Nothing shot as consistently well.

I have tried it before in the 350, but never pushed things.

Last week I sized up 30 pcs and primed then neck expanded them. Last night I charged three pcs of each charge weight starting at 24 stopping at 28g.

QL said 27.8 was 55K.

I adjusted my OAL leaving a Acceptable jump to the rifling. I settled on 2.150 as a nice round number.


This AM was clear and calm no appreciable winds. Harris bipod and a rear bag. I shot three three shot groups and cooled it for about 15-20 minutes. Groups where nothing to brag on 3-6" . Yea, yea, I know 5 shots is a group. Well, Im happy with three. Ill do more once I have gotten better loads. Its all in process. I like to refine things down in steps. I havent hit the 5 shot step...

Anyhow no flyers today like I saw with the 150 Remington. But more like patterns then groups till I hit 27.5g!!!

Tommyboy. I was knocking on 2100!!!!! ;)

24g was 1800's and 28g was almost 2100 AVG!!

Here is the target over view. Charge weights and a vel listed from memory.


27.5 was remarkable when ya see what everything else shot!!


So now I have two loads to refine!


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I knew I should have picked up a lb or two yesterday. But that is one powder that always seems to be had here. I have 2lbs of Yugo 7.62x39 powder I pulled down years ago. I wanted the bullets then sold the berdan cases over at the other site that is really making me mad. No1 is.......... better not get into it on this site.