Ghog hunting


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Went after "chores",bummin down in the woods yesterday. We had a lite snow,which by the time I got down there it was disappearing pretty quickly.So,found 3 fresh "hog" dens.Took the time to study the impending setups.

1st,gonna be a 125 yd slight downhill.Not a whole lot of options on this one.
2nd,steep downhill 75 yard,many places to sneak in.
3rd,cross revine 100 yard.

The EDC 7-08 would work but am afraid the load isn't quite enough "juice".This is where a HV '06 comes into focus.They need to not crawl back to their holes.The 7,while easy enough on the acc,dosen't have the authority to,cut'm in half.Got to get the CDL '06( avatar rig) up on the velocity.


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our chucks are starting to pop out too.
they should be having their little ones join them here pretty soon.
out to 200 yds I have been using the AR rifle with home swaged bullets that mimic the sierra 63gr semi-spritzer.
it usually makes a hole just big enough to put your hand in.

with cast in the 0-6 I like a flat nose and around 2-K velocity.
it generally makes 2-3 ground squirrels out of one, if I ramp it up a little further for the bigger tougher rock chucks I can generally cut them in half.
you don't need a lot of weight 150grs is plenty.
heck 120 is more than enough for the little squirrels. you can see the bullet physically move them sideways before it tears them up.


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Back in the day,long,long time ago.....before internet?I was bustin hogs with a minty 722 in 222.There was a T shirt available through whomever?... that had a silk screen pic of the crosshair image laid over a hog,front side.On the back,"happiness is a fine red mist" was in print.Wear it proudly.

I've busted dzs of varmints with an '06,...CB'd.Most,stagger'd then flopped over.That was @2000,+/-.In this instance I just feel "more is better" on the velocity. Have been patiently waiting for y'all to get the dope on the 2500 no fly zone.

I got plenty of IMR 4350....


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use it at around 2400 to make your life easier.. LOL.
Brad has some dope working with RL-19 it's a hair slower than the 4350 so you could see what his data say's.
I don't know when he is gonna get to the range though we have a dozen storms strung out from here to Russia waiting to roll through.

if you wanna start now use my AA-2700 data from the range report thread and a little filler in the 0-6 to make up the difference in case size.


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Washed the hillbilly varmint rig..... ladder rack is a takedown,meaning it takes 15 minutes off OR on.The cross pcs have been designed to move pretty much anywhere fore/aft.We put the pce of plywood in the bed up on the top to shoot off of.


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Oscar... can't really complain,well till we start shooting indoors?We always test whatever dumbsheet bullet traps with a CB '06.

Back twds OP,how fast these rigs "come up",from a field hunting application can not be overstated.


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those taller racks are the business when on a P-dog town.
you shoot and move and shoot and move.
the extra height really helps you see the dogs better.
I always look for the high spot on the ground squirrel towns then get up there.
only problem with those is you gotta get up there and be hidden too, they get taken by hawks all the time so are on the watch.
Rock chucks are worse.
I have watched them through the Bino's follow the kids movements across the lava fields while they were still over 300 yds' away.
as soon as they got to about 150yds. the chucks turned off the rocks and just walked down into their dens.
kind of funny to me.


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Best hog kill,well.....didn't kill him but;

A lot of historic properties we work on are infested with hogs.Many ways or should say calibre's,to get rid of them.We were doing a full-on 1837,R.E.Lee slept here house.Out back is a big ole turn of the century barn.At 40? yds there this monster hog,no lie,sitting on the top rail of a gate leading into one of the stalls.With everything I had,threw a big brick chunk and hit him right between the eyes on the first hurl.Witness's had to be helped up from rolling on the ground laughing....

Sorry for sidetrack,mind is in the gutter(was in a 1885 slackjaw building today,turning it into a private residence).


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Smokey,that's our bow shoot cooler.It lives on the porch when not out camping/shooting.There's even 4 mini bttld cokes left in a carton from a shoot a few weeks ago.Bought'm for a Gdaughter,figuring she'd never seen the little ones.We take the food thing VERY serious.Even had a bushel of Crabs one Sunday afternoon.Folks just shake their heads..... I look at'm kinda stupid like and go "what"?


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you better be started this way then, they are out right now.
I even seen a couple of young ones this afternoon on my way back from fishing.

any clear weather next week will see me fireforming those last 50 243 cases across the lava fields, or lugging the 6-H around.
fishing won't pick up for 2-3 more weeks anyway, the water temps are too cold in both lakes.

Let me know and i'll kick the rest of the nephews junk in his closet and throw a sheet on the mattress he has sitting on the floor.
he won't be using it since he is down in Utah at his Dad's place now.


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Had them living in back of my place when I moved in here, they decided to find better accommodations right after my coon dog moved in. They left saying something about the neighborhood going to sh*t. :eek:


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So,2400 fps using IMR4350 (cause it's in inventory) is a decent "starting" HV point?

The default is 22-250 @2600..... that rig is acc enough for head shots.But,I bought the '06 CDL for this exact purpose.Just too busy? for load development, yeah,yeah... get the priorities straight.