Ghog hunting


North Central Arkansas
Grey foxes dentist told me that tidbit. His father used to trap them. Seems there are more grays than reds in these parts. I pick them up pretty regular, on the trail cameras, overlooking the food plot.


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My neighbors are "real"... more like unreal if you axed me... horsey Fox hunters.Get all dressed up and chase them around with packs of hounds. I've always been a touch disconcerted about it?Shoot'm,fine but.... teasing and pestering them,not so much.

When those numbskulls ride by here,they can "chase this".These are the doors to the spraybooth,got painted yesterday. The cornice around it is a 5 member with 3 1/2" beaded cove with 5" crown,fluted columns with English ivy clinging.Remember,this is our shed,haha. 20180509_103623_resized.jpg


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...and some concrete? I know, ever the critic, I just can't see having a sand/basalt mix right outside the paint room door.


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Well,last weekend there was some stooopid $$$ Audi sitting there.Also have had a Ferrari and a '69 Maseratti...... and some pretty fast bikes.

Eff the concrete,haha.Pour that sheet 5 minutes before selling house.We spray water on the gravel to shoot paint.The amt of oil we've spilled in there is only rivaled by single malt and beer..... doh.